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Competition: Win A Copy Of The Birds They Sang

The Birds They Sang

It’s the first day of spring and although it may seem a little gloomy at the moment we want to brighten things up by giving two of you the chance to win a copy of The Birds They Sang courtesy of Saqi Books

This lovely book is enchanting. Written by Polish ornithologist and author Stanislaw Lubienski it shines a light on some of history’s most meaningful interactions between birds and humans.

Discover more about Kes, the kestrel in Barry Hines’ novel A Kestrel for a Knave that was made into an award-winning film, be heart-warmed by the moving story of a group of prisoners of war turned bird watchers, and find out why François Mitterrand’s last meal was so controversial. Famous birdmen also feature including James Bond, Jonathan Franzen, and Alfred Hitchcock, as do Lubienski’s musings on his own experiences of birds and bird watching.

It’s a fun read that you can easily dip in and out of, and although some of Lubienski’s tales may be familiar, his prose is so delightful that you will surely see the relationship we have with birds through a new lens.

To enter all you need to do is tell us which bird you most associate with spring. Enter your answer in the comments below, and we’ll pick two winners at random using the wonderful wheel of names.

The competition closes at 11:59 pm on the 27th March 2020 and you can see the full competition Ts&Cs here.

Good luck!

This competition is now closed. 

Don’t worry if you weren’t able to enter – check back soon for another chance to win. 

88 Comments Competition: Win A Copy Of The Birds They Sang

  1. The not so common sparrow. Clusters of chattering LBJ (Little Brown Jobbies) collecting dried grass and moss and squeezing under the roof tiles busily building their homes. Joyful.

  2. When I hear my first Bittern booming as I walk around the Fens of Cambridgeshire.

  3. Michael Wiseman

    Our special blackbird that sits on the veggie plot fence outside the kitchen window every morning and sings away waiting for his daily ration of meal worms.

  4. Blackbirds scooting around with twigs and straw in their beaks building nests for the coming year for their next generation. Simple proof that they know life will carry on.

  5. The Rook – when they start to squabble and nest build it’s the first sign for me as everything else I associate with spring follows.

  6. For the last week, we have had a beautiful song thrush singing in the garden for us . We are blessed.

  7. The cuckoo’s clarion call heralds a golden spring in India. As warm winds blow and the scents of ripening mangoes fill the air, the cuckoo invisibly serenades the day in long, sweet notes, darting from branch to branch, and a cosmic dance of notes reverberate from all around. It’s the signature tune of a colourful Indian summer.

  8. Hanna de Broekere

    For me, the herlad of spring is the lark. Or, to be exact, its songs high in the sky over the fields.

  9. Our dominant blackbird who thinks he owns our garden (and maybe he does!), bouncing around collecting food, dressed in his shiny black feathers

  10. A cacophony of sound from the wood pigeon, great tits, blackbirds and robins forming the morning chorus and the firt sightings of butterflies.

  11. Louisa Wilkinson

    When the House Martins and Swallows return, it’s definitely a sign its springtime!

    1. Marilyn Burgess

      I love to hear the sound of the blackbird, the blue tits, great tits etc flitting around and feeding from the bird feeders.
      Eagerly waiting to hear the sound of the cuckoo, such a joy.

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