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National Robin Day - Help Save Our Garden Birds


Did you know there is an annual awareness day for robins? National Robin Day is on the 21st December, created by the charity Songbird Survival in 2016 as a way to raise awareness of not only robins but also all small garden birds who may struggle to survive the cold winter months.

Some of the UK’s most popular garden birds are on the Birds of Conservation Concern 4 List, commonly known as the Red List, because of severe population decline. For example, the house sparrow has experienced a population decline of 70% since 1977, the staring an 89% decline since 1967, and one of our favourite Christmas birds, the mistle thrush has seen numbers drop by 54% over the same period.

Winter can be a particularly difficult time for the UK’s garden birds. Many of their natural food sources such as insects and seeds are not available, and they often rely on the food we put out for them to give them enough energy to get through winter and prepare for the breeding season ahead.  

National Robin Day was set up to inspire collective action to help save our garden birds and not take for granted the wonderful wildlife that surrounds us. 2018 was a great success with 1000s of bird lovers across the UK taking part. And this year the organisers of National Robin Day are hoping that the 21st December 2019 will be the biggest, birdiest, robiniest day ever!

There are all sorts of ways you can get involved on the day. Head over to the National Robin Day website where you can find out how to invite a robin for tea, fundraise at work with a bake sale, get the kids involved in a scavenger hunt, or make a bird feeder.  You can also make a donation to support research and education programmes to help prevent further decline of the UK’s songbirds. 

Keep up to date with all the latest news and events on social media by following National Robin Day on Twitter or Facebook and using the hashtag #NationalRobinDay.

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