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We've Hatched A Brand New Website!

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If you were a regular visitor to you may have noticed we’ve had a makeover. In fact, we’ve had more than a makeover. We’ve changed our name, updated all our content and images, moved hosting provider so the site runs faster, redesigned things so it works better on mobiles and tablets, and given the site a more modern look and feel.

British Bird Lovers started out as a hobby. But over time as the visitors to our website and our presence on social media (155,000 and counting) grew we weren’t able to dedicate the time needed to give our visitors the experience on our website that they deserved.

We also felt the name British Bird Lovers was a bit old-fashioned and our readers told us there was some ambiguity about its meaning. We like the simplicity of the name Bird Spot, and gives us scope to expand what we offer further,

So we took a couple of weeks off our ‘proper jobs’ and worked flat-out to get a brand new site ready, going through every page to make improvements and get rid of out-dated content.

We actually flipped the switch the day before Black Friday which many would say was completely crazy. Anyone who knows anything about search engine optimisation (SEO) will tell you that a site redesign as dramatic as ours was going to have an impact on traffic. And yes, for a few days we did see our traffic drop. But it’s starting to go back up to the levels it was before the change and, fingers crossed, with the improvements we’ve made, we hope that Bird Spot will reach even more bird lovers in the UK and beyond.

We’ve got lots more exciting things planned for the coming months. This blog is a new feature where you can keep up to date with what we’re up to at Bird Spot HQ and find out about the exciting things we’re working on.

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