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Fill your garden pond with an abundance of plants to maximise your chances of attracting wildlife.

Marginal Pond Plants

A seasonal selection of 8 different marginal plants that are perfect for bees and other pollinating insects. The mix includes reeds, sedges and flowering plants which were carefully grown in the UK and are fully hardy.

Oxygenating Weed Elodea

A popular pond plant that is fast growing and will do well in most environments. Just drop into shallow water and watch it grow. The plants are supplied in 2 bunches with 5 strands in each.


Duckweed is an oxygenating plant that grows vigorously and provides great cover and is excellent as a spewing media. You will receive 1 large tablespoon of duckweed collected from a lake in the morning.

Willow Moss

Fontinalis antipyretica is a submerged oxygenating plant that will provide superb cover as well as help keep your pond clean. You will receive a fresh bunch grown in the UK and picked that morning.

Purple Lotus Water Lilies

This beautiful tropical plant is an excellent bloomer, which can produce six or seven blooms at a time. Water lilies are rooted in soil in bodies of water, with leaves and flowers floating on the surface.


Crystalwort is a floating, carpeting plant. The moss will take a few weeks to adjust and establish but will flourish with a good quality fertiliser and correct lighting. Crystalwort is free-floating but can be tied to mesh, wood or rocks for a lawn effect.

Ranunculus Aquatillis

Also known as water buttercup. this oxygenating plant will grow in still or slow moving water. You will receive 1 bunch of ranunculus aquatillis picked fresh of the day of despatch.

Cyperus Umbrella Plant Seeds

This plant’s fascinating shape makes it a great plant for landscaping, and as an accent plant. It is good formatter gardens and can be grown in shallow water of small fish ponds as a water filtration marginal plant.

Arum Water Lily

Elegant pure white lily with very large flowers and arge dark green leaves. It will thrive in ponds and boggy areas. down to depts of 30 cm.

Limnobium Laevigatum Floating Plants

The ideal floating plant for small ponds. Due to the rapid growth of the plants, excess nutrients and nitrate are degraded in water. Thus, the nutrient base is extracted from the algae. In addition, floating plants filter promote algae blue light components from the light spectrum.

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