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Everything you need to construct your garden pond and keep it maintained so wildlife thrive in it.

Pond Liner

The triple-layer liner is manufactured out of a core of hard-wearing LDPE which is then coated on both sides with a UV/Rot resistant laminate. This makes for a liner that is both rip-proof yet lighter in weight so easy to install for the DIY’er.

Submersible Pond Pump

This pond pump with fountain attachments is with a 10m cable (no plug) and a selection of heads for different display effects. It is suitable for salt or fresh water systems.

Pond Filter

An above ground gravity pond filter that combines mechanical and biological filtration to ensure your pond is always clear and healthy. It will remove unwanted solids from the water and convert dissolved organic and chemical fish waste into harmless compounds.

UVC Water Pond Clarifier

A chemical free solution for the effective long term control of green water. By design, this clarifier provides extended UV exposure time because the water is forced to spiral through the unit rather than just pass quickly straight through it so you get optimum efficiency combined with ease of use and installation.

Pond Vacuum

A wet vacuum for ponds which removes loose particles of dirt up to 10mm in size, including algae and debris from your pond through suction. The pond vacuum’s 30 litre tank features a unique sludge draining system. Supplied with a 4 metre suction hose and 2 metre discharge hose.

Pond Treatment

This pond treatment uses task-specific bacteria to remove the organic matter that causes green and cloudy water. It contains patent-pending strains that work as low as 4°C, which means you can treat your pond all year round.

Pond Net

Handy for the removal of leaves, duckweed and algae and the transfer of fish. The pond net has a telescopic handle and is made from high-quality, corrosion-resistant aluminium.

Pond Hose

The corrugation in this pond hose gives it strength and flexibility, allowing you to turn tight corners without it kinking. Being black makes for easy concealment and discourages algae growth on the inner walls.

Pond Gloves

For cleaning out your pond these waterproof PVC gloves are just the job. They are arm length with an elasticated top and come in one size.

Pond Kit

A complete pond kit for ponds up to 4500 litres. The kit includes 5x4m pond liner, pond pump, filter and the hose (25mm x 5m) and clips to join everything up.

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