About Us

Bird Spot started life as British Bird Lovers with the aim of making birds and bird watching accessible to all.

Although there were a number of high quality bird related websites (and still are of course) we felt that many were aimed at very serious bird watchers rather than people who simply enjoy caring for the birds in their garden or seeing them in their local park or nature reserve.

Over the next few years British Bird Lovers grew beyond our expectations. What started out as a hobby grew into a website with tens of thousands of monthly visitors and over a hundred and fifty thousand fans across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In 2019 we made the decision to rebrand and Bird Spot was born, We relaunched our website, completely redesigning it, refreshed the content to ensure its accuracy, and moved to a new server to make things work better.

However, our principles still stand though in that we remain focused on our core values of ensuring that all the information and advice we provide is simple to understand and will bring benefit to anyone who wants to learn more about birds.

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