Bird Alert Window Stickers

Bird Alert Window Stickers

Hearing or seeing a bird flying into a window can be a distressing experience, particularly if they end up injuring or even killing themselves. 

Birds can’t see glass but are attracted by the reflections and lights behind windows.  To help prevent collisions and strikes these bird window stickers can deter them.

The bird stickers will brighten up any window and can also be applied to patio doors and other glass doors to make them more visible. 

There are 12 British birds in this set of stickers and each bird has been hand-designed in superb detail by a talented artist. They have been printed using the latest techniques so they can be clearly seen from each side of the window 

The stickers use no adhesive so they are easy to apply, reposition,  or remove. They are made from long-lasting vinyl film and each bird measures between 70 mm and 110 mm.