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Heated Rock Bird Bath De-Icer

Keep your bird bath ice-free with this decorative bird bath de-icer. It is constructed from cast aluminium with a decorative coloured finish to resemble a flat rock. Thermostatically controlled to operate only when necessary. Safe in all bird baths with 75 watts power. 

Bird Bath Solar Pump

Solar powered bird bath pump mans no need for extra power, so it’s energy saving and environmentally friendly. An additional 3.3 ft hose drains water to a high point where you need it then flows down. The pump starts working within 3 seconds once exposed to sufficient sunlight.

Bird Bath Cleaner

This product prevents organic contaminates from forming  crusty white scale deposits, iron, copper, hard water stains in bird baths using two uniqe technologies: one helps prevent the buildup of stains, and mineral deposits on the bird bath surface; the second uses bio-enzymatic activity to keep water clear and free from the organic debris that can make the water cloudy. For bird baths used by birds, small fish, and frogs. 

Solar Water Wiggler

A solar powered water agitator with battery backup, so it will continue working even in insufficient sunlight. The water agitator for bird baths creates continuous ripples which will attract birds. No wiring and no plumbing required; simply place it in a bird bath.


Bird Bath Solar Fountain Pump

Solar water fountain comes with 6 nozzles in different sizes. Choose any one spray water pattern you like. Environmental and convenient, the solar powered water pump is driven by direct sunlight, when the sunlight shines on panel, The pump will sprinkle automatically. No battery or electricity needed.

Natural Stone Sealer

Using a solvent free formula, Geo-Fix Stone Protector dries clear and will not stain or alter the colour of the substrate. Prevents destruction on the substrate from water penetration and erosion. Does not affect or alter the substrates colour or appearance once applie

Bird Bath Frost Free De-Icer

Fountain Frost-Free is a safe, environmentally friendly way to protect your water feature, bird bath, pond and pump from freezing whilst ensuring that the safety of your children, pets, birds and wildlife is not compromised. Prevents water freezing in temperatures to -6 degrees.

Bird Bath Rock Waterfall

A  waterfall for bird baths. The moving water will attract birds. It looks natural and performs beautifully. Includes 120 GPH pump. Grey colored and made of resin. The waterfall rock is ingeniously designed with its own hidden water pump. The result in any bath with at least an inch and a half of water is a carefree flow of water so all you have to think about is the best place to sit and watch the show of birds that come and go!

Heated Bird Bath De-Icer

This submersible de-icer is perfect for buckets, pails, pans, or bird baths. The unit comes with a stainless steel guard, six foot cord, cord chew protector, and built in thermostat. The deicer includes an adjustable clamp for mounting to buckets, pail or containers.

Natural Smooth River Stones

These river stones are ideal for placing at the bottom of a bird bath bowl to give garden birds somewhere to perch as they drink and bathe. Please note that they will require a brief rinse in water to remove the natural sediment deposits. The stones vary from 1 cm to 3.5 cm.

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