Cleaning Your Bird Bath

Just like any piece of outdoor equipment your bird bath will need to be cleaned from time to time. Having a clean bird bath will attract more birds and prevent them from becoming ill. A clean bird bath will also look more attractive as it will prevent the build up of algae which can turn the water into a pool of green slime.

Wood Pigeon On A Bird Bath

You should try and clean your bird bath a couple of times a year although remember if you let the dirt build up the more difficult it will be to clean it so try and do it as often as you can. You will probably need to clean your bird bath more often in the summer and if you put it away over winter give it a thorough clean before you store it.

You can make your life easier by choosing a bird bath made of a light weight material or one with a removable baisin or drainage hole.

Make sure you use bird friendly products to clean your bird bath; those made to be used to clean ponds and pools can be harmful to birds.

How to clean a bird bath

First of all empty the bath; either tip the bath to the side or remove the plug on the underside of the bird bath. Remove as much dirt, leaves and any other debris that you can.

Use a high pressured garden hose to spray the bird bath down. If you don’t have a hose then tip a few buckets of water over the bath. This should get rid of most of the dirt from the bottom of the bath.

Take a stiff brush or some wire wool and scrub your bird bath to remove algae and stains. Make up a weak bleach solution of 200ml bleach in 5 litres of water to remove any stubborn stains.

Do not use a stronger solution or any other chemicals in your bird bath which may be harmful to birds. Soap or washing up liquid will not remove algae.

If your bird bath is particularly dirty then let the bleach solution sit in the baisin for about 15 minutes. Place a cover over the bath so that birds will not try and drink or bathe in the bleach

Scrub the basin again and if any stains remain repeat as necessary.

Once the bath is clean be sure to rinse it thoroughly to remove any traces of bleach. You can then refill the bath with clean, fresh water.

Take a look at these bird baths if you’re thinking of buying one for your garden.

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