Siting Your Bird Bath

Once you have chosen a bird bath you need to place it somewhere suitable in your garden. Birds can get pre-occupied when bathing which means they are more vulnerable to predators so choose somewhere that is safe for them and where they won’t be disturbed.

Bird Bath In A Garden

Place your bird bath well away from any thick shrubbery where cats and other predators could hide ready to pounce on birds as they drink or bathe. An ideal location would be close to some branches where birds can escape to if they feel they are in danger. You could also place some clippings from thorny hedges around the bottom of the bird bath to prevent cats from coming too close.

A bird bath on a pedestal is safer than a bird bath placed on the ground as predators will find it difficult to climb. Alternatively choose a hanging bird bath which birds may find more comfortable using as it is more like their natural habitat.

Keep your bird bath out of direct sunlight as the water will quickly dry out. If you have a solar bird bath choose one with a separate solar panel which you can place in the sun while keeping the bird bath in the shade.

Although you will want to be able to watch the birds as they drink don’t place your bird bath too close to a window as birds can be frightened by sudden movements or reflections in the glass. And don’t place the bird bath near a path or where there is a lot of human traffic.

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