Solar Powered Bird Baths

As people are becoming more aware of looking after the environment as well as wanting to save on energy bills so the popularity of solar powered bird baths is growing.

Solar Powered Bird Bath

Birds are attracted to the sound of moving and dripping water so having a bird bath with a fountain will encourage them to return to your garden again and again. And of course by using solar panels to circulate the water instead of mains electricity you are being more eco-friendly.

One of the other benefits of using solar panels rather than electricity is that you can be more flexible where you position your bird bath. You don’t have to worry about it being near an electricity supply and there will be no need for cables running through your garden which could be dangerous especially if you have children.

Solar powered bird baths often contain a heating element which prevents the water from freezing in the winter which means that they can be used all year round provided there is enough sun to keep them powered and you will not need to worry about thawing iced water.

The solar panels are either integrated in the bird bath or there is a separate panel that you place a short distance away. The solar panels soak up the sun’s energy during the day and either use it to pump the fountain or store it in a battery pack for later use.

If you choose a self-contained bath then you will need to place it in the sun – remember to check on the water regularly to make sure it has not evaporated. However if you choose a solar bath with separate panels then you can be more flexible and put the bird bath in shade as long as the panels are in direct sunlight.

Using a solar powered bath means you won’t need to remember to switch the fountain off at night when it is not needed as the sun will do that for you!

Running water in a bird bath also helps with hygiene. In most ordinary types of bird bath the water can become stagnant and they can also become breeding grounds for some insects. By having constantly circulating water the bath will stay cleaner and prevent bacteria and mold from forming.

Algae can still grow in a solar bird bath so you will need to clean it as you would any bird bath. You will also need to clean the solar panels and they may need replacing eventually.

You can find some solar powered bird baths in our selection of bird baths available to buy online.

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