Types Of Bird Baths

There are a number of different types of bird baths available in a wide range of styles so you will easily be able to find one that suits your garden.

Goldfinch On Bird Bath

The simplest type of bird bath is a ground bird bath and is simply a large bowl that you place on the ground. Alternatively you could even use a large upturned dustbin lid. Ground bird baths are favoured by large birds although you may see smaller birds bathing and drinking in a ground bird bath. However, be aware that birds using a bird bath on the ground will be most at risk from predators.

A pedestal bird bath is the most common sort of bird bath. Because they are popular they come in a wide range of styles and they are generally simple to assemble. However, pedestal bird baths can be quite bulky which can make cleaning difficult. Pedestal bird baths will help prevent cats, squirrels and other predators disturbing the birds as they use the bath.

A hanging bird bath is a shallow bowl that is suspended by a cord or string and can be hung from a tree branch or pole attached to a fence or a wall. Hanging bird baths are usually less expensive than a pedestal bird bath but they hold less water and you will probably find you are limited in the choice of designs.

Heated bird baths are particularly useful during the winter months. Birds need to conserve as much energy as possible when it is cold and by providing them with a fresh supply of water they will not have to burn energy converting ice and snow into water they can drink. Heated bird baths won’t actually warm the water but they will prevent it freezing.

A solar powered bird bath has built in solar panels that either heat the water or power a fountain. As birds are attracted to moving water solar bird baths are a great addition for attracting the most birds. Although the initial cost of a solar bird bath may be more expensive than a conventional bath there are no operating costs and you may find that you don’t have to clean the bath as often as moving water prevents it from going stagnant.

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