Bird Books By Dominic Couzens

Birds: ID Insights

Birds: ID Insights is ideal for birders of all levels. Its unique layout, comparing the plumages of similar pairs and groups of species, makes it perfect for identifying the more difficult birds found in Britain and other parts of north-west Europe. It has more images showing how to age birds than any comparable guide, and its handy compact size makes it practical for taking out into the field.

Songs Of Love And War: The Dark Heart Of Bird Behaviour

More than just an inside look at bird behaviour, this book also represents a personal journey of discovery. What starts as a desire to learn more about the birds encountered on a regular father-and-son walk through the woods leads to a realisation that a bird’s life is very far from the idyllic scene that can often be glimpsed by the casual birdwatcher

A Patch Made In Heaven

A Patch Made in Heaven is the diary of a wildlife-watching year in a single square kilometre of southern England. Written in wryly humorous style, it details the birds, the animals and the human visitors that turn up and use this tiny parcel of land. It chronicles the delights, disappointments and frustrations that go with dedicated ‘patch-watching’, and also uncovers all sorts of unusual and unexpected details about what we might think are familiar British creatures.

The Secret Lives Of Garden Birds

Have you ever wondered what the birds in your garden get up to when they’re not tucking into peanuts and seeds on the birdtable? This book takes us, month by month, into the secret lives of our most familiar garden birds, revealing inspiring, intriguing and scandalous real-life dramas such as the ferocious turf battles of Robins, the profound family ties of Long-tailed Tits and the remarkable sex-life of the Dunnock. The amazing facts that it reveals will help you to understand, encourage and enjoy your garden birds more than ever before.

Secret Lives Of British Birds

Britain’s birds are among the best loved in the world, and also among the best studied. In recent times, these studies, rather like tabloid exclusives, have thrown up some surprising revelations and sullied a few reputations in the process. They have, above all, demonstrated that many of our birds lead much more complex lives than we previously thought. Following in the footsteps of the bestselling Secret Lives of Garden Birds, this trip around Britain’s principal habitats looks beyond the confines of our gardens and parks to expose the extraordinary hidden world of some our most familiar birds.

Bird Migration

From describing the many different types of bird migration to information on how to study and observe migration, all you need to know about this subject is included in this excellent book. The Orientation Mechanisms and Weather and Migration chapters reveal the amazing ways in which birds know how to travel vast distances without getting lost, and Great Journeys tells of the incredible feats of athleticism that birds such as Swallows, Arctic Terns and Eleonora’s Falcons achieve when they fly for thousands of miles to reach their wintering grounds.

Complete Back Garden Bird Watcher

The complete back garden Birdwatcher is a beautifully illustrated book that provides everything you need to watch and identify birds throughout the year, with detailed practical advice on encouraging birds to visit your garden. With detailed specie profiles and advice on bird identification, a fantastic month by month breakdown of the key species for each season.

100 Birds To See Before You Die

“100 Birds to See Before You Die” is a must-have book for anyone interested in birds, with entries on 100 of the most incredible avian species across the world, illustrated with stunning photographs of each. Entries describe the natural history and significance of the featured species, with summary information including Size (and Wingspan, where applicable); distribution; habitat; classification; population and conservation status; and the reason for inclusion.

100 Birds To See In Your Lifetime

Part aspirational encyclopaedia, part identification guide, 100 Birds to See in Your Lifetime provides detailed summary information and range maps, along with beautifully written profiles featuring unusual facts, anecdotes and its significance. Whilst many of the species would be on any bird enthusiast’s wish list, the list has been fiercely debated by two renowned birding authors, using various criteria to arrive at a top 100.

Identifying Birds by Behaviour

A companion to standard field guides which helps you identify birds by the way they fly, feed and flock. Most traditional bird guides rely on you identifying birds by their colour and other physical features. But what if you cannot get good enough views to make a firm identification? This highly original guide by Dominic Couzens acts as a companion to standard identification guides, designed to provide a definitive answer for just these situations.

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