Bird Charts And Posters

Bird charts and posters are a brilliant way to help children become familiar with different species of birds. These charts are beautifully illustrated and will help with the identification of a range of British birds including garden birds, birds of prey and shore birds. Laminated charts can be taken out in field and any of these will assist with school and nature projects.

Guide To The Top 50 Garden Birds

The Garden Birds identification chart covers the Top 50 species found in gardens. Choose the colour of the bird and its size, and you should be able to put a name to it. Different forms for males, females and juveniles are shown where appropriate to help with identification.

Guide To British Birds of Prey Chart

This identification chart covers all 15 of the species of day-flying birds of prey which breed in the UK Birds of prey can be highly variable and your view of the bird may be fleeting. But by looking at pictures side-by-side you can generally narrow down the choice to two or three species. To help confirm your identification, we have included particular hints for each species as well as highlighting the main areas of confusion.

A Guide To Wetland Birds Chart

Produced in partnership with the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, this 12-panel laminated fold-out chart provides coloured illustrations and information on 49 species of birds commonly found in wetlands throughout north-west Europe. It includes 11 duck species, 7 geese, 3 swans, 20 waders as well as other wetland birds.

Laminated Know Your Birds Wall Chart

Full colour poster printed on high quality paper shows 24 photos of native British birds. The poster is fully gloss laminated that enhances its look and ensures its longevity. Size: A2.

Guide To Summer Coastal Birds Chart

From cormorants to kittiwakes, and guillemots to gulls, this 8-panel laminated fold-out chart features 28 of the birds you can see around the coastline of the UK in the summer. Included are both cliff-nesting birds, like gannet and razorbill, and wading birds, such as oystercatcher and avocet, as well as all the common seagulls. Birds are shown in their adult summer (breeding) plumage.

Garden And Wetland Birds Educational Poster

Informative laminated wall poster showing 18 photographic illustrations of common British birds. Underneath each bird is information on habitat, feeding & nesting. Included are: robin, wren, blue tit, puffin and many more. A great resource for bird spotting and for school nature topics.

Shore & Estuary Birds Educational Poster

Informative poster showing 50 photographic illustrations of favourite shore & estuary birds. Underneath each popular wetland bird is its name in English, French, German and Latin. Included are: reed bunting, Kentish plover, sanderling and many more. Great resource for bird spotting at the beach and other wetland areas.

Common Garden Birds Poster

A highly detailed paper laminated colour poster with images and information about various birds of Britain. This poster is a fantastic resource for the classroom or office. Includes images and information on each bird.

Guide To British Owls And Owl Pellets

Included are colour paintings of the 5 species of owl permanently resident in the British Isles, shown both perched and in flight, illustrations and written descriptions of the different pellets produced by each species of owl and by other birds (kestrel, sparrowhawk, gull and corvids) that could be confused, and a systematic identification key to the contents of owl pellets, including complete skulls, jaws, teeth and other recognisable bones and animal parts.

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