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Fascinating Birds

Bird photographer extraordinaire Markus Varesvuo has picked his 100 favourite species, and in this sumptuous book they are illustrated using his stunning camerawork and shown as never seen before by readers. Markus has selected the very best images from the thousands he has taken over the decades, and in the accompanying text he explains why they are so special as well as the stories around them. Species covered range from the spectacular Golden Eagle that adorns the front cover through more familiar wildfowl and garden birds to eye-catching owls and exotic bee-eaters.

A Bird Photographer's Diary

David Tipling, renowned as one of the world’s very best bird photographers, takes a chronological tour through nearly 200 of his very best of his images taken during the past three decades, recounting exactly how he captured his best pictures. From Pinkfooted Geese in his native Norfolk to Resplendent Questzals in Costa Rica and Emperor Penguins in Antarctica, and much more besides, this stunning collection of images is a ‘must-have’ addition to the library of any bird or photography enthusiast.

A Parliament Of Owls

At once an investigation and a celebration, A Parliament of Owls looks at over fifty species of these infinitely fascinating birds, from the Snowy Owl hunting lemmings in the Arctic tundra to the rodent-eating Burrowing Owl of the dusty hollows beneath the South American pampas.

Birds Of The Photo Ark

This elegantly packaged celebration of birds from around the world unites incredible animal portraits from Joel Sartore’s distinguished National Geographic Photo Ark project with inspiring text by up-and-coming birder Noah Strycker. It includes hundreds of species, from tiny finches to charismatic eagles; brilliant toucans, intricate birds of paradise, and perennial favorites such as parrots, hummingbirds, and owls also make colorful appearances.

Raptors: Portraits Of Birds Of Prey

This delightful and dramatic collection of portraits reveals birds of prey as we never experience them: intimate and up close, photographed in Traer Scott’s signature style. Seventy spectacular color photos present twenty-five different species, from the familiar to the exotic and endangered: hawks, owls, falcons, a bald eagle, kestrels, a Mississippi Kite, a turkey vulture, and more. Joining their elders are a fluffy baby vulture and adorable baby and juvenile great horned owls.

Birds In Pictures

Bird photographer extraordinaire Markus Varesvuo presents perhaps his finest ever collection of images in this remarkable volume. From piratical skuas in Shetland to dancing cranes in Japan, each photograph is technically outstanding, while Markus also imparts evocative stories of encounters with his subjects, enabling the reader to comprehend fully each moment captured on camera.

Bird Photographer Of The Year: Collection 3

The Bird Photographer of the Year competition celebrates the artistry of bird photography, and this large-format book is lavishly illustrated to reflect this. A celebration of avian beauty and diversity, it is a tribute to both the dedication and passion of the photographers as well as a reflection of the quality of today’s modern digital imaging systems.

Eric Hosking's Birds: 50 Years Of Classic Bird Photography

Eric Hosking, the bird photographer, started taking photographs of birds in the late 1920s, when he did not have the convenience of a light 35mm SLR, but had to lug a 5″ plate camera to the top of trees to take his pictures. The photographs that he took over the next 70 years until his death in 1991, stand as some of the classic bird photographs of this century. This book contains a selection of the best of these photographs.

The Splendor Of Birds: Art And Photography From National Geographic

Nature, bird, and art lovers alike will treasure this sumptuous visual celebration of the colors, forms, and behaviors of the winged wonders who share our world as they have been explored, displayed, and revealed throughout the years by National Geographic. Luminous paintings, revealing photographs, and state-of-the art high-speed and telephoto camera images reveal moments rarely seen and sights invisible to the human eye

Bird Love

Fine art photographer Leila Jeffreys captures the beauty and diversity of some of our most colourful and elegant feathered friends. From the birds of her native Australia to North America, Jeffreys seems to see into the very souls of these model-like creatures with her stunning and evocative portraits.Jeffreys works with animal rescue and conservation groups to find subjects to photograph.

Birds Of Paradise: Revealing The World's Most Extraordinary Birds

Birds of Paradise is destined to be the first-ever popular book to reveal the most exotic birds on earth. Photographer and National Geographic grantee Tim Laman and co-author Edwin Scholes (ornithologist/leading authority) traveled to the most remote parts of the New Guinea wilderness – the only place these birds occur – to photograph and study their “secret” lives. The authors’ documentation of the appearance, displays, and behaviors of these 39 species of birds has taken years of dedicated fieldwork. 

The Extraordinary Beauty Of Birds: Designs, Patterns And Details

Deborah Samuel s photographs are meant to inspire and teach. In this book she turns her lens toward the bird and her images are as surprising as they are exquisite. From nest to egg to feather, these images are an exercise in seeing and a showcase of what photography can reveal: the impossibly soft feathers of ospreys; the iridescence of a bird-of-paradise; the curved, needle-like beak of a common scimitarbill; and the psychedelic hues of the aptly named resplendent quetzal.

Birds: A Portrait In Pictures and Words

From the majestic, powerful birds of prey that soar over the countryside to the petite and playful finches and sparrows that we welcome into our gardens, the magnificent swoop and enchanting song of our feathered friends inspires awe in any nature lover. This stunning photographic collection of the most exquisite and beautiful birds, with avian-inspired poems and prose, is guaranteed to captivate anybody who appreciates the wonder of the bird world.

Great Birds of Britain & Europe: 200 Star Species

For the first time, a book of superb bird photographs has been created to give pleasure – and fascinating information – to nature lovers and birdwatchers alike. Concentrating on 200 really special birds of Britain and continental Europe, from Swans to Buntings, “Great Birds of Britain and Europe” is a marvellous celebration of the beauty of birds through the lens of dedicated and highly skilled photographers. The stunning images, although apparently spontaneous, are often the product of hours – even days – of patient fieldcraft and pure determination and stamina on the photographer’s part.

Birds And Light: The Art Of Lars Jonsson

This work describes the life and work of one of the finest bird artists in history. Here, Lars Jonsson talks of a life’s work made from studying and capturing the relationship between birds and light. This work is part autobiography and part exploration of technical method, and throughout it is a celebration of birds, wildlife and wild places. It is illustrated with reproduced artwork, including pages from his earliest sketchbooks, examples of his identification plates, through to the development and completion of finished canvases.

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