Books About Birds' Eggs And Nests

Birds’ eggs and nests are some of the most amazing natural structures. In these fascinating books you’ll learn more about these wonders of the avian kingdom, from how eggs develop inside a bird’s body, to why there is such a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Any of these books would make a great gift for a bird loving friend, or why not treat yourself.

The Most Perfect Thing: Inside (and Outside) A Bird’s Egg

How are eggs of different shapes made, and why are they the shape they are? When does the shell of an egg harden? Why do some eggs contain two yolks? How are the colours and patterns of an eggshell created, and why do they vary? And which end of an egg is laid first – the blunt end or the pointy end? These are just some of the questions A Bird’s Egg answers, as the journey of a bird’s egg from creation and fertilisation to its eventual hatching is examined, with current scientific knowledge placed within an historical context.

The Book Of Eggs

Featuring new photography from Chicago’s renowned Field Museum, The Book of Eggs explores 600 examples at actual size, alongside pattern details, clutch images, breeding range maps, and engravings of all the birds. A table of field-guide information identifies order, family, breeding range, nesting habitat, nest characteristics, and conservation status. This accompanies an expert narrative revealing the latest research and thinking on social structure; reproductive strategies; egg colour, maculation, and size; and incubation behaviour.

Nest: The Art Of Birds

As an amateur naturalist and nature lover, Janine Burke, art historian and author, has spent many years observing birds. Nest is the story of her passion, a personal, wide-ranging and intimate book – part natural history, part folklore, part exploration of art and aesthetics, part memoir – that will appeal to all those who love nature, literature and art.

Birds' Eggs and Nests

This book comprises a simple guide to the identification of the nests of common British birds. This antique text was published separately from the book to which it belongs (‘The Young People’s Nature-Study Book’) in the hope that it would prove of some value on its own. It is aimed at young readers upon their rambles in spring, enabling them to identify the birds to which nests belong – without tedious taxonomical analysis.

Bird Nests, Eggs and Nestlings Britain And Europe

The only guide to the nests, eggs and nestlings of European birds. Shows when and where birds breed, plus color illustrations of all the chicks of all the common birds, photographs of the eggs and drawings of the nest.

Nests, Eggs, and Incubation

Nests, Eggs, and Incubation brings together a global team of leading authorities to provide a comprehensive overview of the fascinating and diverse field of avian reproduction. Starting with a new assessment of the evolution of avian reproductive biology in light of recent research, the book goes on to cover four broad areas: the nest, the egg, incubation, and the study of avian reproduction.

Oology and Ralph's Talking Eggs

Before modern binoculars and cameras made it possible to observe birds closely in the wild, many people collected eggs as a way of learning about birds. Serious collectors called their avocation “oology” and kept meticulous records for each set of eggs: the bird’s name, the species reference number, the quantity of eggs in the clutch, the date and location where the eggs were collected, and the collector’s name. These documented egg collections, which typically date from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, now provide an important baseline from which to measure changes in the numbers, distribution, and nesting patterns of many species of birds.

Egg & Nest

The beauty of the robin’s egg is not lost on the child who discovers the nest, nor on the collector of nature’s marvels. Such instances of wonder find fitting expression in the photographs of Rosamond Purcell, whose work captures the intricacy of nests and the aesthetic perfection of bird eggs. Mining the ornithological treasures of the Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology, Purcell produces pictures as lovely and various as the artifacts she photographs.

A Nest Is Noisy

From the award-winning creators of An Egg Is Quiet, A Seed Is Sleepy, A Butterfly Is Patient, A Rock Is Lively and A Beetle Is Shy comes this gorgeous and informative look at the fascinating world of nests, from those of tiny bee hummingbirds to those of orangutans high in the rainforest canopy. Poetic in voice and elegant in design, this carefully researched book introduces children to a captivating array of nest facts and will spark the imaginations of children whether in a classroom reading circle or on a parent’s lap.

The Egg

Is there anything as simple as an egg? Is there anything as complex? In this gorgeous picture book, Britta Teckentrup portrays eggs through the eyes of an artist. From hummingbirds to the extinct elephant bird, illustrations of the avian world’s smallest and largest eggs demonstrate the variety present in nature. Pastel studies explore the rainbow of soft colors and intricate patterns that make eggs of common birds seem incredibly striking.

A Field Guide to Monitoring Nests

Intended as an aid to those involved in monitoring nests for research and conservation purposes. Written and illustrated by experts, this guide contains a wealth of information for 145 British and Irish species, together with introductory sections on nest-monitoring techniques, nest identification, legislation, the BTO Nest Record Scheme and nest-finding skills.

Bird Nests And Construction Behaviour

Bird Nests and Construction Behaviour provides a broad view of our understanding of the biology of the nests, bowers and tools made by birds. It illustrates how, among vertebrates, the building abilities of birds are more impressive and consistent than for any other builders other than ourselves, yet birds seem to require no special equipment, and use quite uncomplicated behaviour. In doing so, the book raises general issues in the field of behavioural ecology including the costs of reproduction, sexual selection and the organisation and complexity of behaviour.

Birds' Nests of the World

Birds’ Nests of the World contains illustrations of bird nests and eggs from around the world – from the Arctic in the north, to the Antarctic in the south. Each bird builds its nest in the spot that it feels is the safest place to hatch its eggs and raise its young. Most bird nests are made from fragile materials, so many birds make a new nest every year. Learning about different kinds of bird nests teaches us not only about the different habits of various species of bird, but also about the important influence the environment has on the way these birds live their lives.

Nests: Fifty Nests And The Birds that Built Them

This lovely volume of Sharon Beals photographs of birds’ nests is a treasure for birders and bird-lovers, and for anyone fascinated by the intricacy and wonder of the natural world. Photographed at the California Academy of Sciences, the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, the Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology, the nests in these images rise up luminously from deep black backgrounds, highlighting their rare beauty and astonishing detail.

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