Bird Camera Nest Box

Bird Camera Nest Box

Enjoy real life nature programmes from the comfort of your living room with this CCTV camera nest box from BirdBoxView. Watch and listen to chicks inside their nests as they hatch, feed, grow, and eventually fledge. 

The nest box is fitted with a tiny 420TVL camera in the top of the box which gives a great view of the entrance and nesting area, and you can adjust the angle during set-up. 

The camera includes a microphone so you can hear the birds in the box and infrared vision means you can watch during the night and on dull days. 

The nest box is made of solid wood for good insulation and has a V-shaped roof of the type preferred by the RSPB. 

It includes a ventilation slot at the bottom to allow drainage and air circulation and the roof of the nest box can be lifted off so it can be cleaned at the end of breeding season. 

Plastic trunking has been fitted down one side of the bird box to protect the cable in wet weather and an opaque window adds light to enhance your viewing experience. 

With this camera nest box you can enjoy your very on Springwatch streamed straight from your garden.