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Beach Hut Nest Box
Beach Hut Nest Box

This beach hut style nest box creates a seaside feel in any garden and is suitable for many species of birds, including sparrows, great tits and nuthatches.

It is made from painted pine with an attractive red cedar tiled roof. It has an easy opening side panel for easy cleaning and a D ring attached for ease of mounting on a wall, post of tree trunk.

The beach hut next box is available in 3 colours: blue, yellow, or green.

Chapelwood Classic Nest Box
Chapelwood Classic Nest Box

This classic nest box from Chapelwood has been finished with a non toxic stain to give the dark wood effect. It is ideal for most garden birds and offers thick walls cut from pine from 100% FSC wood for insulation.

The front panel can be removed to provide an open-fronted nest box for robins.

Robin Teapot Nester
Robin Teapot Nester

Robins prefer open nesting sites and often use manmade objects like open boxes, kettles and traditional teapots to nest in as they like a open viewing entrance.

This attractive robin teapot nester is designed and manufactured from hi-fired frost resistant ceramic and has a large open entrance. It is simple to install in any garden.

Gardman Wild Bird Nest Box
Gardman Wild Bird Nest Box

A wooden bird box made from FSC timber with a 32mm entrance hole. The bird box from Gardman is suitable for many species of garden bird including sparrows, great tits and nuthatches.

The bird box is simple to mount and includes side holes for drainage.

Roosting Pocket
Wildlife World Bird Roosting Pocket

This tall nesting pocket is a low-cost way of offering a nesting opportunity or overnight roosting place for small birds. The pocket should be concealed in the foliage of a hedgerow or shrub and can be a life saver for small birds in cold conditions helping them maintain body heat.

The roosting pocket includes a wire hanger so it can easily be hung from a branch.

RSPB Open Front Nest Box
RSPB Open Front Nest Box

This classic style open-front nest box from the RSPB provides a safe and snug place for birds to roost and nest. It is suitable for robins, wrens, pied wagtails and spotted flycatchers.

The bird box is made in the UK from thick FSC timber for strength and durability. It has drainage holes in the base and no perches for predators to hang on to.

Tom Chambers Square Log Nest Box
Tom Chambers Square Log Nest Box

An attractive handmade wild bird box from Tom Chambers. It has a 350mm diameter entrance hole and is constructed from natural materials with moss decoration.

The bird box comes complete with a natural rope hanger and measures 16 x 13 x 10 cm.

Silver Birch Robin Nest Box
Silver Birch Log Robin Box

An attractive bird box from Wildlife World. The bird box is made from silver birch and has an open front, so ideal for attracting robins or pied wagtails to roost and nest.

It is remarkably light yet strong and resistant to cracking and splitting.

The hinged lid is easily lifted by loosening the securing screw to allow for cleaning and inspection. The nestbox should be hung from the hole in the wooden back plate at the rear of the nest box.

Camera Ready Nest Box
Camera Ready Nest Box

From Wildlife World, this nestbox comes complete with an internal camera clip ready to easily fit an optional camera kit. The opaque side window allows extra light into the box which increases the performance of cameras.

The bird box is made from FSC Certified timber and is easy to clean and maintain.

Access is easily gained through the hinged lid and a copper entrance hole protector prevents against damage by squirrels and woodpeckers.

Sparrow Flats
Sparrow Flats

This bird box consists of three separate nesting boxes, so it is ideal for house sparrows who like to live and breed in colonies.

It is beautifully finished with a natural wood ridged roof and copper trim and comes complete with fitted hanging tabs and rear doors for end of season cleaning.

Bird Box
Grey Bird Box

A handmade bird box built to the RSPB’s specifications. The design is inspired by the beach huts of Southwold in Suffolk and is treated with non-toxic water-based wood preservative.

The entrance hole is suitable for blue tits, coal tits, and marsh tits.

The bird box can be dismantled for easy cleaning in the autumn and with a little maintenance should last for years to come.

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