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Set up your very own Springwatch with a camera bird box and watch birds build their nests and raise their chicks from the comfort of your living room.

You can buy ready assembled bird boxes with cameras or separate camera kits that fit into an existing next box. Most cameras will offer full colour vision during the day and include infra-red night vision in black and white so you can observe your nesting birds all day and night. And if you want to listen to the birds as they go about their business choose a camera kit with a microphone.

Bird Box With Web Camera

Watch, listen and record on your on PC or laptop as birds nest and raise chicks in full colour. Share your movies and screenshots with friends via YouTube, MSN and Skype etc.

The nest box is made of solid wood and 27cm high to show the whole nesting area.

The tiny 1.3 MP, 6 LED web camera has a 1.5m cable that connects to pc/laptop via a 5m USB2 extension cable

Cedar Bird Box With Camera

An attractive hardwood cedar nest box with copper hole protector to deter large birds and squirrels. The bird box comes with a camera and includes a wide angle lens.

The box includes a perspex tear drop on the side to allow light into the nest box.

It has been designed to be easy to clean and maintain. 

Multi Species Nest Box/Feeder And Camera

A multi colour bird nest box camera that can easily convert into a feeder, still using the same camera making this an all year round product and great value! It comes with 30 metres of cable and is suitable for night vision.

 Using a small colour camera in the nest box you can see the activity day or night as the infra red lights activate automatically when light is low. Really easy to focus and use creating stunning crisp images 24/7

Greenfeathers Wireless Bird Box Camera

A tiny camera for bird boxes that lets you watch live images from inside a nesting box, with incredible closeup images as chicks grow. Detailed 700TV line images can be transmitted from the camera directly to your TV. 

The camera comes with a wide angle for maximum view – 110 degree field of view is much wider than similar cameras on the market, and let you see the entire nest, as well as birds entering and leaving the box

Gardenature Bird Box Camera System

A high quality bird box with camera, ready assembled and simple to set up with easy instructions. This CCD camera with Infrared (IR) night vision provides colour images during the day and black and white images at night. There is also a built in microphone so you can hear as well as see what is going on.

This nest box has a removable front panel with a 32mm entrance hole making it suitable for the widest range of garden birds including blue tits, coal tits, great tits, house sparrows, robins (with the front panel removed) and wrens

BirdBoxView Nest Box With Cam

The attractive, sturdy Birdboxview nestbox has a V-shaped roof and is over 30cm tall to give a good view of the nesting area. The nestbox has a ventilation slot in the base to allow drainage and air circulation.

The attractive, sturdy Birdboxview nestbox has a V-shaped roof (as preferred by the RSPB) and is over 30cm tall to give a good view of the nesting area. The nestbox has a ventilation slot in the base to allow drainage and air circulation. The roof of the nestbox can be easily removed for cleaning the inside at the end of the season.

Nest Box Camera And Feeder Kit

Bird box and feeder camera system with audio & IR night vision. Kit arrives ready assembled with full instructions, a ready filled niger seed feeder and a 1yr product warranty.

 When the nesting season is over simply remove the nestbox and put up the feeder. The camera is easily removed from its quick release bracket in seconds. Create your very own wildlife TV channel of birds nesting and feeding in your garden, broadcast live straight to your TV and watch from the comfort of your armchair.

Tawny Owl Box With Camera

Made in the UK from cedar so no need to paint or treat and will last up to 40 years outside. Fitted with a quality colour camera and a 50m cable. It includes all you need to set it up.

Two back-plates supplied – to enable easy fixing secure. Full siting and installation instructions included – full after sales support.

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