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These personalised bird boxes are carefully handmade by Linleywood, who have been handcrafting painted wooden bird boxes since 2008.

The bird boxes are made from high-grade sustainable European redwood pine, known as Scot’s Pine, supplied by a small local wood merchant.

The boxes are then handprinted with water-based wood paints suitable for exterior use. These paints, made by a small independent British manufacturer from the northwest of England,who have been creating paints since 1773, enable Lindleywood to create beautiful products that are non-toxic to plants and wildlife.

The bird boxes’ roofs lifts off for easy cleaning and they come with full mounting and care instructions as well as screws for fixing. 

They would make delightful gifts for any bird-loving friend or why not treat yourself? 

Cricket Club Bird Box

The cricket club bird box is painted to look like a cricket pavilion – white with a green weather-boarding effect and has a brown roof with a little painted clock. There is even a tiny cricket bat and cricket ball painted by the steps.

Bus Bird Box

This personalised bus bird box is based on a traditional and much-loved London Routemaster double decker bus and will be unique addition to the garden. The double decker bus comes in red. A bus number plate can be personalised, a number added , a name in yellow, and a short message or destination list,

Beach Hut Bird Box

This beach hut bird box is perfect for people wanting a beach hut of their own but you don’t need a beach to own one! The beach hut has a base colour of Grace white, a contrast colour stripe and roof colour can be added  and it can be personalised on a plaque above the hole, making the beach hut even more special.

Narrowboat Boat Bird Box

This narrowboat bird box is sure to be popular with the canal boating enthusiasts and will be an unusual addition to the garden too. Shaped like the front of narrowboat/canal boat, the base is painted in Jack Black and the upper can be painted in a choice of contrast colours.

Pub Bird Box

This unusual pub bird box with its personalised pub name will make a unique gift and delight any garden or bird lover. Painted in white with a brown roof, the pub sign can be personalised with up to 25 characters and the little sign above the front door can be personalised with a further 8 characters.

Rugby Club Bird Box

The rugby club bird box is painted in a stone colour with a red door and a black roof. It even has a rugby ball and a set of rugby boots painted on it! The white rugby club sign can be personalised with up to 20 characters, the ‘Player of the Year’ name can be personalised with up to 15 characters and a year can be added too.

Taxi Bird Box

Based on a traditional London black cab, this personalised taxi bird box will be a talking point in the garden. Originally created at the request of a customer who wanted a retirement gift for her cab-driving father, the Black cab would also make a fantastic gift for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and many other special occasions.

Garden Shed Bird Box

The birds don’t want to be left out so they can have a garden shed too with this marvellous hand-crafted, personalised garden shed bird box. The garden shed is painted brown with plant pots of flowers painted around the base. The yellow sign on the door can be personalised making the gift even more special.

Speed Camera Bird Box

The hand-crafted speed camera bird box looks like a miniature speed camera and is sure to be a unique addition to any garden. Painted in grey and yellow to look like the real thing, the speed camera bird box has the hole where the camera lens would normally be.

Rainbow Bird Box

Add a little rainbow magic to your garden with our rainbow bird box. It’s colourful, it’s cheerful, and it will brighten your outdoor space. Rainbows mean different things to different people – for some a sign of hope, for others it’s joy, for some it represents equality, and even love. Whatever a rainbow means to you, this bird box would make a fantastic gift for many occasions.

Accordion Bird Box

One for the folk music fans! The accordion bird box is a quirky bird box for the music lover. Whether it’s for mum, dad, grandma, grandad, your best friend or your music teacher this gift would strike the all the right notes. And doesn’t need hours of practice! Painted in black and white, it can be personalised with up to 16 characters

Bike Shed Bird Box

This bike shed bird box is perfect for cyclists who love the garden. The bike shed bird box is painted Sage Green with a red bike and a few additional bike accessories painted on -an oil can, spare bike wheel, bike helmet, and pump. The cream sign on the door can also be personalised.

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