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Schwegler nest boxes are designed to mirror natural holes, with internal dimensions that are similar to the holes made by woodpeckers or caused by decay in old trees. Schwegler nest boxes are simple to install, inspect and clean and their patented method of installation on trees prevents the tree trunk from growing over the hanger from which the box is suspended.

Schwegler nest boxes are renowned for their durability and will last up to 25 years. They have been developed in close collaboration with leading ornithologists, nature conservation organisations and forestry experts.

Schwegler nest boxes are made from a unique wood-concrete material called WoodCretePLUS, a natural product made from 75% wood and various additives to compensate for climate change. WoodCretePLUS provides insulation against temperature fluctuations, allows air to pass through the walls and prevents condensation occurring on the inside of the box. WoodCretePLUS is much longer lasting and weather-resistant than wood, and is strong enough to withstand the attention of woodpeckers.

Schwegler products have been officially recognised and approved by many organisations including the BTO.

Schwegler 1B General Purpose Nest Box

The official nest box of National Nest Box week. Made from 75% wood shavings, this bird box is weatherproof and rot-proof. It provides excellent natural respiration, which prevents condensation inside the box and therefore makes it snug and comfortable for breeding birds.

Schwegler House Martin Nest

A bowl shaped nest made of air permeble wood-concrete and a backing board made of exterior grade, formaldehyde-free chipboard to prevent warping. Place as high as possible under the eaves of the house. Height 11cm Length 46cm Depth 14cm.

Schwegler Swallow Nest

Although Swallows are sociable birds the nest should be placed no closer than 1 m apart. Made of wood concrete and has a wooden panel of formaldhyde-free chipboard. Place as high up as possible leaving 10cm of headroom.

Schwegler 3-Hole Bird Nest Box

A superb box for all Britain’s small hole-nesting birds – including blue, great, marsh and coal tits, house and tree sparrows, nuthatches and pied flycatchers. It comes complete with hanger and safe aluminium nail. The triple entrance encourages the birds to nest at the back, out of reach of predators.

Schwegler Wren Roundhouse

The nest box is designed to encourage Wrens as they like to nest near the ground, in undergrowth. They are not particularly good flyers, preferring to hop about in the undergrowth. They like shady places – in hedges, thickets, heavily overgrown areas and bushes as well as balconies. The wren roundhouse is available in ivy green and autumn light red.

Schwegler Sparrow Terrace

The sparrow terrace has been designed to help redress the balance of falling house sparrow numbers. Sparrows are social birds and like to nest in company. This terrace provides ideal nesting opportunities for three families. Made of Schwegler’s revolutionary wood-concrete mix, this terrace is durable, breathable and will last many decades. It may also occasionally attract tits, redstarts and spotted flycatchers.

Schwegler 2M Nest Box

The 2M nest box is similar to the 1B nest box but can be freely suspended and has a conical roof. These features protect against cats and deter squirrels. The front panels of the 1B and 2M nest boxes are interchangeable.

Schwegler Robin Box

This traditional design has proved to be highly effective in attracting robins, as well as other small species such as black redstart, spotted flycatcher and wren. It is designed to be installed on the walls of houses, barns, garden sheds or other buildings and should be hung so that the entrance is to one side (at an angle of 90° to the wall). The front panel can be easily removed for cleaning.

Schwegler Starling Nest Box

The Schwegler 3S Starling nest box has become established as the standard design both in the UK and Europe. Not only will the 3S nest box attract starlings, it is just as likely to provide overnight shelter for great spotted, middle spotted and lesser spotted woodpeckers. When there are fewer starlings, other species such as pied flycatchers and nuthatches may breed in these boxes.

Schwegler Brick Nest Boxes

This range of brick nest boxes follows a highly successful design that has evolved over 40 years since Schwegler first started producing brick nest boxes for incorporation in buildings. The box dimensions correspond to those of standard, commercially available bricks used in modern European construction. These dimensions allow for a 1cm layer of mortar enabling the nesting blocks to be inserted in any wall without the need to cut adjoining bricks.

Schwegler Swift Box

This nest box can be installed within an external wall (to a maximum depth is 17cm in order to prevent the underneath entrance hole being blocked). It can also be attached to the surface of an external wall (or within render or an external insulation layer) using the optional fixing bracket. The box can be painted, if desired, using standard air-permeable external wall paint.

1MR Schwegler Avianex

These stylish Woodcrete nest boxes are designed to be placed on house and garage walls and balconies. They have a removable front panel for inspection/cleaning and are available in olive green, brown and soft red. The Avianex boxes will fit easily to most walls and should be sited at a height of 1.5m – 5m. Installation is simple using the screw hook and wall plug supplied. 

1N Schwegler Deep Nest Box

Birds which nest in recesses or cavities are at risk where there are large numbers of magpies, jays, cats and martens. The 1N has two entrances and a removable wooden insert and offers excellent protection. With two entrances the interior is well lit and birds will readily use it. In areas where there are many small predators it is equally as popular as models such as the 2H and 2HW

Schwegler Nest Box With Predator Protection

The Schwegler 3SV has a deep entrance hole which has been demonstrated to provide highly effective protection from predators such as cats and martens. The design also mimics natural nest sites and the large entrance hole results in a well-lit interior that encourages occupation. The nesting area is easily accessible by removing the front panel, making it easy to inspect and clean.

Schwegler Lightweight Swift Box Type 1A

The Lightweight Swift Box should be installed under or close to roofs, at least 5m from the ground on a sheltered side of the building.  The box can be mounted with the entrance hole on the left or right.  There is no cleaning aperture on this box as cleaning of swift nest recesses is not required.  When installing please ensure free access below the entrance hole for birds entering or leaving the box.

Schwegler Owl Box

Owl Boxes are often installed in parks and forests, not only to promote the diversity of species, but also as a means of controlling mouse populations. The No. 5 Owl Box is designed to mimic natural holes in trees in which the tawny owl will typically roost. This nest box is also suitable for stock doves and jackdaw.

2HW Schwegler Nest Box

The Schwegler 2HW is designed for species that nest in cavities or recesses, particularly those which prefer an open, balcony-type entrance such as redstart, wagtail and flycatchers. The wide, open access of such types of boxes often leaves such species at risk from predators but the predator-proof 2HW helps to prevent such attacks.

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