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Tom Chambers is one of the best known suppliers of bird care products in the UK. Tom Chambers bird boxes are known for their high standards of quality and you can be sure that when you purchase a Tom Chambers bird box it will be guaranteed to last for years and bring you great pleasure from watching the birds nest in your garden.

All of Tom Chambers bird houses are made from FSC sourced timber from sustainable forests and finished to the highest standard.

Tom Chambers Square Log Bird Hut

This little hut makes an attractive garden feature as well as functional addition to the garden. Handmade from 100% natural materials & moss decoration. Dimensions: 16 cm x 13 cm x 10 cm. Hanger & perch included.

Tom Chambers Oakwell Nest Box

Tom Chambers Slate Roof Oakwell nest box, with a 28mm entrance, is just that little bit different from the normal birdboxes available. Made from a combination of treated FSC timber and slate this box will stand the test of time and provide a home for your birds.

Tom Chambers Snoozy Bird Box

Unique design with FSC timber construction and 32mm entrance hole. Suitable for many species of birds.

Tom Chambers Multi-Nester Bird Box

The versatile Multi Nester is supplied with two front panels and can be used with the 28mm or 32mm front panel, or alternatively as an open fronted box. Perfect for attracting a wide variety of garden birds.

Tom Chambers Sledmere Bird Box

Tom Chambers Sledmere Nest Box is created using a classic design, featuring a sloping genuine slate roof and a 32mm entrance hole. The lid removes easily for cleaning.

Tom Chambers Cosy Bird Pitched Green Roof Nest Box

Birds such as the house sparrow, nuthatch and pied flycatcher will flock to this cosy green-roofed bird box. It has a small 32mm entrance that will suit all these types of bird.

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