Birds And New Feeders

Once you have your new bird feeder you may find that it takes a little while for birds to find it and get used to feeding from it. You should have already chosen a feeder that is attractive to the birds that visit your garden – here are some more tips to get them feeding from it.

Blue Tit At Bird Feeder

In some gardens it may take birds just a few minutes before they start using a new feeder while in others it can take days or even weeks. The trick is to be patient and not to visit and disturb your feeder too much. If you already have bird feeders in your garden then place the new feeder somewhere near these so that the birds don’t have have to look to hard to find it. If you need to place the feeder in a new location then move it gradually away from the others so the birds know to follow it.

Make sure the feeder is in a safe location away from predators and near trees or shrubs they can safely fly to if they feel they are being disturbed. Try placing your feeder near a bird bath as the sound of water will attract birds.

To begin with fill your new feeder with the most popular type of bird seed even if you plan to eventually use it for another type of food. Sunflower seeds and hearts and niger seeds will attract birds more quickly than seed mixes which you can gradually add to the feeder as the birds get used to it.

Spread some seed on the top of the feeder or nearby on the ground to draw attention to it and temporarily remove other bird feeders so the birds have less choice where to feed. As the birds get accustomed to the new feeder you can return the other feeders.

If after several days you haven’t seen any birds at the feeder check the seed levels to see if they are visiting it when you aren’t there. If the seed is not being eaten at all it could be that the birds have migrated or our visiting your garden less. Make sure that the seed has not become mouldy making it unattractive to birds and check that the holes of the feeder and ports are easily accessible.

Patience is essential when you get a new bird feeder but as long as you have taken the proper steps to ensure your bird feeder is safe and attractive to visit eventually you will be rewarded and will soon be refilling it frequently.

We have a variety of bird feeders suitable for the different species of birds in your garden.

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