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Below is a range of bird feeders that will suit anyone’s garden or balcony. These bird feeders will take a variety of food and are suitable for many different sizes of birds.

Some are designed to be hung from a tree or a fence, while others are more suited for ground-feeding birds. Wherever you place your bird feeder make sure it is protected from predators.

Tube Bird Feeder

This bird feeder features an antiqued copper finish and whimsical garden icons. It holds up to 0.4 kg of seed and has 6 feeding ports. The twist and lock cap ensures secure closing after filling and the transparent seed compartment makes it easy to monitor seed levels.

Apple Heart Bird Feeder

A hanging heart shaped bird feeder designed to hold an apple or suet fat ball. It is finished with an aged metal effect and comes complete with a hanging chain.

At night you can replace the bird food with a candle for a pretty effect in your garden.

Would make a lovely gift. 

Complete Window Bird Feeder

This window feeder is designed to hold seed, water, fatballs and food blocks. It’s designed with three-sided open access which makes it easier and safer for birds. The bird feeder holds 2 fat balls or food blocks plus 200g seed and 60ml water or 330g food and no water.

Clear overhanging roof for better visibility and weather protection with distinctive green warning strip to minimise danger of birds flying into roof or window.

Bird Feeder For Small Birds

This feeder’s small entrances enable small birds to feed but larger birds will struggle resulting in an increased number of small and colourful birds visiting your garden. The hopper in the centre of the feeder is protected from the elements by a large click top lid that is easily removed for simple filling and cleaning

Eva Solo Mini Glass Bird Feeders

These ball-shaped bird modern feeders from Eva Solo are designed to resemble a weaver bird’s nest. They are made from clear glass so that you can easily observe visiting birds Ready to hang in the garden or on the balcony.

Each feeder measures approximately 11cm x 12cm with hanging cord 30cm long. Gift boxed.

Wooden Ground Wild Bird Feeder Tray

A wooden framed metal micromesh tray from Gardman suitable for feeding a variety of birds foods. 

The tray is perfect for ground feeding birds such as blackbirds, thrushes, wrens and robins.

The ground feeder is made from FSC certified Timber

Ball Bird Feeder

A green seed ball feeder will attract a wide variety of species of birds to your garden. The bird feeder has a simple yet strong mesh design comes fully assembled and allows birds to feed all around.

Panorama Bird Feeder

The cutting-edge design of this feeder allows the seed to dispense into the tray and stop dispensing once the tray is full. As the birds continue to dine from the circular perch, the seed is replenished into the tray so it remains consistently full. This feeder also features a sure-lock cap system, a squirrel proof feature which ensures the lid stays put and squirrels can’t get into the seed reservoir.

Chalet Bird Feeder

This petite plastic feeder offers 600 g seed capacity, which is perfect for smaller gardens, patios and balconies. The spacious feeding tray provides plenty of room for birds to dine from a variety of angles. And the convenient roof overhang will protect birds and seed from inclement weather.

Lantern Bird Feeder

The lantern-style feeder provides wild birds with four stations, one in each direction and each with a bird-preferred U-shaped perch to ensure maximum comfort while feeding. The bird feeder’s transparent seed compartment makes it easy to monitor food levels at a glance, and its Sure-Lock cap system prevents squirrels from raiding the seed.

Squirrel Guard Bird Feeder

A bird seed feeder with a squirrel guard. The green powder coated metal construction will prevent squirrels from taking the food before the birds have a chance to feed. 

Hanging Bird Feeder With Dome

This pretty little hanging feeder makes a jewel-like focal point for any garden. It’s Clear polycarbonate dome protects feeding birds and the tray’s contents from rain and snow. Simply slide the dome up or down to your preferred height: lower positions help deter larger birds like pigeons. Perfect for serving up I love robins, seeds or mealworms.

Set Of 2 Bird Feeders

Vintage design bird feeders made of green painted metal that is rust resistant. The robust construction will withstand the outdoor elements and last for years to come. The transparent seed compartment means it is easy to see when see runs out.

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