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A bird feeding station is a great way of inviting a large variety of birds to your garden without taking up too much space. 

Bird feeding stations can be used to offer a variety of bird food such as seed mixes, peanuts, sunflower hearts, fat balls and treats, and water. 

They can be used all year round but are especially important during the winter when birds’ natural sources of food may be scarce. 

And of course as well as helping wild birds, they will bring you lots of joy as you watch the antics of our feathered friends who come to feed and drink. 

Perky-Pet Deluxe Wild Bird Feeding Station

The bird-friendly feeding station provides a sturdy metal mesh feeding tray, a durable plastic water dish/bird bath and three decorative arms with hanging hooks on the end for hanging your bird feeders. The various components mount securely to the 2 m metal pole and the thoughtful combination makes it easy to entice a wide variety of wild birds into your garden.

Selections Metal Complete Bird Feeding Station

This high quality bird feeding station comes complete with 4 feeders, all made from hard wearing metal with a bronze finish. The feeding station also has a water dish and mealworm tray, as well as a hanger for fat treats or another feeder. The set contains one each of seed, nut and fatball feeder, a bird bath, a mealworm feeder tray and a fatball feeder hook.

Hammertone 5 Arm Bird Feeding Station

Spruce up your garden with these traditional style contemporary wild bird feeding stations. Includes 5 hanging brackets complete with seed feeder, suet ball feeder, nut feeder and suet cake feeder, mesh feeding dish and water dish.

Kingfisher Bird Feeding Station

A traditional bird feeding station from Kingfisher. The all-in-one solution for feeding wild birds includes 3 brackets for hanging feeders, a water dish and mesh feeder tray. It has a metal construction, and a powder coated finish.

Ultimate Wild Bird Feeding Station

An all in one feeding, watering and bathing station for wild garden birds. Comes complete with 4 double hooks and one smaller midway double hanger. This feeding station can hang up to an impressive 10 different bird feeders from the 10 brackets and hooks. To fit simply  push in to soft ground.

Happy Beaks Bird Feeding Station

Treat the birds in your garden to a real feast by suspending the nut, seed and fat ball feeders (all included) from the curved hanging frame and side rail of this traditional metal design. The set also includes a set of four hooks, a transparent water dish and mesh food tray to offer the birds a wide variety of treats.

Gardman Bird Feeding Station

This Gardman feeding station is the perfect way to attract wild birds to your garden. The feeding station features screw together poles which makes assembly quick and easy and delivers a more robust construction. A bird bath and feeding tray extension complete the station.

Solar Bird Feeding Station

This bird feeding station with solar light is a great way to add a decorative accessory to your garden while inviting the beauty of wild birds in too. There really is nothing more relaxing than watching birds visiting your garden for a cool dip in the bird bath, and with this built-in solar light you will also be able to see your new garden friends visiting at night-time.

Bird Feeding Station With Leaves

Wild bird feeding station has two hanging points on each of the 4 adjustable branches. New design with leaves and bird finial. Three pole sections with brown hammertone finish. Ideal to encourage wild birds into the garden.

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