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Chapelwood make bird feeders in a range of styles and designs for feeding many species of birds that will visit your garden. Chapelwood ultimate bird feeders are made from premium quality materials designed to last including heavy duty aluminium bodies and stainless steel feeding tubes with innovative cleaning and filling mechanisms.

Chapelwood also make a range of natural feeders from FSC certified products that are designed to harmonise with any garden setting. You can also buy Chapelwood bird food to use with your Chapelwood bird feeder.

Chapelwood Large Suet Ball Feeder

A bird feeder designed to hold fat balls. The feeder can hold 2 x 500g suet balls. It is made from a durable metal construction with a snap tight lid and has a simple and attractive design.

Chapelwood Twist Top Suet Ball Feeder

The best way to feed suet balls to your garden birds, this Chapelwood twist top suet ball feeder has been specially designed for optimum feeding. Made from high quality and durable plastic with a strong steel mesh, it features a twist top L-locking system for a strong and easy to open feeder. It also has a quick release bottom to allow for easy cleaning.

Chapelwood Original Bird Feeding Dining Station

Create a garden centrepiece for wild birds to feed at. Made from high-quality, screw together steel poles. Features a two way head, water dish, mesh tray and additional feeding hook. Can be fitted with hanging feeders and all other Chapelwood accessories.

Chapelwood Wild Bird Heavy Duty Suet Feeder

Designed for feeding suet cakes and other scraps, this heavy duty feeder can be used with other Chapelwood accessories. It includes a steel rain cover and a heavy duty integral handle lets so it can be hung securely. Birds find it easy to feed as they cling onto the cage.

Chapelwood Stainless Steel Nyjer Seed Bird Feeder

The Chapelwood stainless steel nyjer bird seed feeder has a UV stabilised polycarbonate tube, feeding slits and a capacity of 360g.

Chapelwood Click Top Peanut Feeder

Perfect for year round feeding. Galvanised mesh feeding tube. Click Top lid for effortless filling. Quick release base for easy cleaning.

Chapelwood Anti-Squirrel Peanut Hanging Bird Feeder

This bird feeder is ideal for feeding peanuts and helps to prevent squirrels from eating bird feed. Fully dismantles in seconds and easy to fill. Flat base to accommodate surface feeding birds. Capacity 250g.

Chapelwood Complete Dining Station With Feeders

Create a garden centrepiece for wild birds to feed at. Made from high-quality, screw together steel poles. Features a four way head, water dish, mesh tray and two feeding hooks. Includes four click top feeders: Peanut, seed, niger seed and suet ball 

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