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Many softbills such as blackbirds, thrushes, robins and wrens don’t eat seeds and nuts and prefer to feed off soft fruit and berries. Generally, they also prefer to feed off the ground, so these specially designed ground feeders are ideal if you want to attract these species of birds.

Unfortunately feeding from the ground means softbills may be more vulnerable to predators and larger birds such as pigeons or magpies as well as squirrels who can easily steal their food. Using a ground feeder sanctuary can can help prevent this happening. Ground feeders can also be used for feeding hedgehogs.

RSPB Mesh Ground Feeder

Made from coated steel this ground feeder reduces mess and the raised mesh tray helps keep food dry. 100% of the profits go forwards the RSPB’s conservation work.

Gardman Ground Feeder Tray

This ground feeder has a high quality timber frame and a micro mesh tray to help keep the food fresh and dry. The ground feeder is suitable for most type of seed mixes.

Gardman Compact Ground Feeder

Ideal for all ground feeding species, it has a tough, all metal construction with rigid micro mesh that keeps food fresh and dry. It is perfect for feeding mealworms. The feeder is endorsed by the BSA and the BTO.

Tom Chambers Ground Feeder

A fine mesh ground feeder ideal for feeding a variety of garden wildlife including birds and hedgehogs. Finished in black it will either blend into your garden or neatly stand alone on a paved or deck area. The fine mesh will allow rain water to drain away.

Peckish Ground Feeder

This ground feeder is made from durable metal and features a large removable tray. The products large legs provide stability to reduce the likelihood of the tray being over turned. This stylish feeder features a black tray and silver base

Large Mesh Ground Guard

Protect the birds feeding in your garden. Made from powder-coated mild steel, the ground guard is supplied with plastic clips for easy assembly. The top of the guard opens for refilling the feeder inside (feeder not included) and helps exclude cats and large birds such as pigeons.

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