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Buy Modern Bird Feeders

Below you will find a selection of modern bird feeders suitable for a contemporary or urban garden.

Bird feeders made from materials such as glass, steel and plastic are often easier to clean and will last a lot longer outdoors than traditional wooden bird tables.

Buying your bird feeder online is quick, convenient and easy and you can have it delivered direct to your front door to save you the hassle of transporting it back home from a garden centre.

We also have a range of modern bird tables to complement your bird feeder.

Contemporary Porcelain Bird Feeder

The contemporary but classic design is finished in porcelain gloss and comes in two colours; black and white. The top half provides shelter for birds who will feed from the seed bowl underneath. The bird feeder is easy to assemble with a strong metal suspension loop and can be hung in trees, under bird tables or from wall brackets.

Eva Solo Glass Bird Feeder

A stunning hand-blown glass bird feeder from Eva Solo. It comes with a fixture that can be attached to a branch or under an overhang.

Sagaform Birdy Bird Feeder

A hanging bird feeder made from stone in a contemporary design. It comes with a metal wire for hanging and is gift boxed.

Umbra Bird Cafe Feeder

A moulded bird feeder with removable lid for top loading. Seed flows out bottom holes into tray for birds to feed and holes on bottom of tray to allow for drainage of water.

Koziol Pip Bird Feeder

From the bird inspired Pip range, this bird feeder from Koziol has a simple design that is very contemporary. The white exterior of the bird feeder is glossy, while the black interior core is matte black. Incorporated into the main body of the bird feeder is a slim tension wire for hanging purposes.

Fiesta Ceramic Drinker

A practical way to offer essential water to the birds in your garden. The drinker is made from ceramic and finished in an attractive green. There is a strong wire loop for hanging the drinker from a branch or bracket.

Zone Outdoor Alicante Bird Feeder

Contemporary designer looks and solid metal design with powder coat finish. The seed is filled from the top and stored in the frame with removable magnetic roof shelter. Easy to assemble with strong metal wire suspension cord.

Eva Solo Bird Feeder Tube

The new bird feeder tube from Eva Solo is a simple, discreet and modern take on the traditional bird food dispenser. The feeder tube is easy to dismantle, is made of frost proof glass and silicone which is dishwasher safe, and comes with a 120 mm stainless steel hanging wire.

Urban Bird Feeder

Made from recycled plastic and clay, this contemporary bird feeder from Wildlife World is designed to suit the urban environment. The large round entrance hole allows small birds to enter the feeder and dine in and it comes complete with an additional perch.

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