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If you are feeding niger or thistle seed to try and attract goldfinches, siskins, redpolls and other birds to your garden then you will need to buy a specialist niger seed feeder. Niger seed is much smaller than regular bird seed and the feeders will have much smaller ports to prevent the fine seed from falling through.

These feeders from leading brands including Chapelwood, Jacobi & Jayne and Gardman will ensure that you can feed niger seed to your garden birds with minimum waste.

GArdman Large Steel Niger Seed Feeder

This black steel seed feeder is made from durable steel powder coated for additional life. The removable top and base allows for easy cleaning. The antibacterial coating protects your garden birds by killing bacteria on contact. Ideal for hanging around the garden or from feeding stations.

All Seasons Niger Seed Feeder

Unique design niger seed feeder provides enthusiasts with a quality, hard wearing feeder. The feeder also has the added feature to attach a tray to the base to reduce spillage. Angled base to move food towards feeding area . Quick release base for easy cleaning. Easy to hang and fill. Strong cast metal components and stainless steel body.

Flip Top Niger Seed Feeder

Encourage goldfinches into your garden with this flip top niger seed feeder by Gardman. The feeder is easy to fill and made from strong plastic feeder with maxi seed ports. Holds 270g of niger seed.

Mini Goldfinch Bird Feeder

illed with quality niger seed this Jacobi Jayne Goldfinch Finder is ideal for tempting goldfinches and other small beaked birds to visit your garden. With dual seed ports that are perfectly sized for finches and perch rings offering sure footing it will not be long before you will be watching the feeding antics of your feathered friends.

Straight Sided Finch Feeder

The vibrant yellow colour of this feeder will attract many birds to your garden. Tube feeders are great for finches as they feed upside down. The wire mesh design enable birds to cling on it and feed from all sides of the feeder. The two yellow bafflers situated at each side of the feeder protect seeds and keep them fresh in the length of the tube.

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