Buy Peanut Butter Bird Feeders

The specially designed bird feeders are designed to hold jars of peanut butter

Peanut butter is a convenient way to feed peanuts to birds, as they will not be in danger of choking on pieces of nut. 

Flutter Butter Deluxe Feeder

A convenient way to feed garden birds peanut butter. Simply twist in a jar of calorie-packed peanut butter and hang it from a tree branch or hook. The jar can easily be swapped and is a no mess way to feed wild birds.

Utterly Butterly Peanut Butter Feeder

Specifically designed for jars of Utterly Butterly peanut treat for birds, but may also hold other wild bird peanut butter jars. The feeder is constructed from sustainably sourced timber. Remove lid and simply slide a jar of peanut butter into the feeder and secure with hinged tabs.

Peanut Butter Holder

This bird feeding station can hold a standard jar for peanut butter or other spreads. It is very easy to mount without the use of any tools. The bird feeder can be closed with a wooden panel which can be easily taken out without the use of any tools.

Squirrel Resistant Peanut Butter Feeder

This CJ Wildlife squirrel resistant peanut butter feeder is designed to allow small birds easy access but is squirrel resistant. The feeder can be hung from bird feeding poles and tree branches so you can enjoy watching the birds feed. 

Wooden Peanut Butter House

From Fallen Fruits this wooden bird feeder is designed to hold a jar of peanut butter. The peanut butter house is made of grey-stained pine with a zinc roof. 

Gardman Peanut Butter Feeder

Made from FSC certified timber this peanut butter feeding station comes complete with hanging hooks. It is designed to hold a jar of Gardman’s Supreme peanut butter jars but will hold other brands too. The perfect way to feed peanut butter to your garden birds. 

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