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These fun, novelty bird feeders would make a talking point in any garden. They’re a great way of getting children introduced to birds and nature who will enjoy filling the bird feeders with seed and other food.

A quirky bird feeder would make a great gift for anyone and with the wide range of styles and designs there’s something to suit everyone. We also have a great range of unusual bird boxes.

Gnome Bird Feeder

Whilst your average gnome likes to stand serenely in flowerbeds, this naughty gnome likes to hang around enticing birds to nibble his bits…don’t worry, when we say bits we mean bird food! Made of terracotta this novelty gnome bird feeder sports extra baggy trousers to pop your bird nuts in!

Cat Bird Feeder

A delicate handmade cat shaped bird feeder. The dark color is deliberately processed, which makes the product has a vintage effect.

The long wire rope can be hung on the hook or the tree. The food can be easily placed when opening the lid and the chassis prevent food from falling. 

Pine Cone Bird Feeder

A bird feeder that will fit in naturally to your garden’s surroundings, this novelty bird food holder has a unique pine cone-shaped design for holding seed. Attached chain and hook for easy hanging.

Swing Seat Bird Feeder

The swing seat Regency style bird feeder is a great novelty bird feeder for attracting wild birds to your garden. It is made of a recycled plastic composite material, textured to look like wood and comes complete with a hanging rope.

Snowman Bird Feeder

Add a little winter fun to your garden with this snowman bird feeder. The snowman bird feeder Simple, has a strong mesh design and comes fully assembled and allows birds to feed all around.

Fruit Shaped Bird Feeders

Plastic, fruit shaped bird feeders that are easy to dismantle, fill and clean. Rust free construction throughout. Ideal for most types of bird feed including seed, nijer and mealworms. Also available individually. Food not included with bird feeders.

Telephone Box Bird Feeder

This bird feeder shaped like a traditional red phone box would make a real talking point in any garden. It is constructed from outdoor grade ply-board and is painted with non-toxic paint so is safe for birds to feed from. It would make a fantastic gift for any bird lover.

Tea Cup Bird Feeders

These pretty bird feeders are made from old vintage china tea cups. They come in four different colours and designs and can be filled with bird seed or you can hang a fat ball underneath.

Swing Tyre Bird Feeder

This bird feeder designed to resemble a swing tyre will attract birds to your garden. It comes complete with a 180 cm rope for hanging and would make a fantastic novelty gift for any bird lover.

Police Box Tardis Bird Feeder

A great gift for all Dr Who fans, this bird feeder is designed to look just like a police box. It is made from exterior grade ply-board, polyresin details and an outdoor, water-based, non-toxic paint.

Teapot Bird Feeder

Pour your garden birds a cup of good cheer! Real china teapot with hanging chain. Fill with bird food and watch as birds perch on the saucer.

Novelty Cat Bird Feeder

For anyone with a mischievous sense of humour. This funny cat shaped bird feeder holds a feeding tray advertising Free Bird Seed.

Snail Bird Feeder

This snail is certainly no pest in your garden!  Feed the birds and add a quirky fun touch to your feeding station. The shell is the feeder and it has a hinged door at the top through which to put your chosen food.

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