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If you only have a small garden or balcony and want to feed wild birds, then a window bird feeder is just what you need.

Window bird feeders are attached using suction caps and will support small birds. You can get table style feeders to offer a variety of bird food or ones designed to hold bird seed or fat balls.

Meripac Window Bird Feeder

The bird feeder has 3 sided open access making it easier and safer for birds. It holds water as well as food and has a removable bird-perching strip. The feeding area is detachable which makes for simple fixing, cleaning and filling. A safety system retains the feeder should the suckers ever fail.

Eva Solo Window Bird Feeder

A beautifully designed bird feeder for attaching to your window. The bird feeder is made from glass and stainless steel with a rubber-coated nylon core. It is frost proof and dishwasher safe.

Fat Balls Window Bird Feeder

From Jacobi & Jayne this basketball window bird feeder holds up to three 100g fat balls and allows birds to feed without the risk of getting caught in netting. The bird feeder snaps open and shut for instant refills. It is squirrel proof and is ideal for feeding birds if you only have a small garden or balcony. 

Born In Sweden Window Bird Feeder

Presented in a high quality colour printed gift box, the bird feeder comes in 3 pieces for easy self-assembly. It has a clear dome, twin bird rest and high performance double sided suction cup. Best used on a window to the garden, but will attach readily to any well cleaned, smooth surface.

Alan Titchmarsh Window Bird Feeder

The Alan Titchmarsh window feeder is made from high quality plastic, featuring a unique and exclusive design. It is lightweight and easy to position with window suckers. The bird feeder is suitable for various seeds, suet treats and mealworms. It is perfect for bird watching from the comfort of your own home.

Arch Window Bird Feeder

This arch window bird feeder includes ultra-strong unique spring loaded dual suction technology that will not fail. It will keep the feeder securely on your window in the hottest and coldest of temperatures. It holds 2L of seed, so need for constant refilling and the unique protective arch design means no more seed clogging keeping the seed fresher for longer.

Peanut Window Bird Feeder

A lightweight peanut feeder with two suckers enabling the feeder to be attached to windows allowing you to watch the birds feed from the other side of the glass. A great way to enable you to feed the birds their favourite food even if you only have a small garden, patio or balcony. 

Window Bird Feeder Bracket

This clever device allows you to hand a bird feeder from your window. The suction bracket will stay firmly secured in even the hottest weather and can be used on any shiny and smooth surface such as windows, tiles, mirrors.Perfect to be used on a balcony.

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