Cleaning Bird Feeders

You will need to keep your bird feeders clean to prevent the spread of disease and also because birds are more likely to be attracted to fresh, clean seed. You should aim to clean your bird feeders at least once a month although you may find that the more popular bird feeders need cleaning more regularly.

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To clean your bird feeders you can either use a special sanatising solution or you can make your own using one part bleach or washing up liquid to nine parts water. Alternatively you can use a weak white vinegar and water solution. Clean your bird feeders inside and out concentrating in particular on perches and poles where droppings may collect.

Wear rubber gloves when cleaning your bird feeders and use a stiff brush to ensure thorough cleaning. A bottle brush will suffice or you can buy brushes designed for the purpose. An old toothbrush is great for reaching into corners and crevices. If you use trays underneath your bird feeders to collect fallen seeds throw away the old debris and clean these too.

After you have cleaned your bird feeders rinse them in clean water to remove any residual traces of cleaning products. Leave your bird feeders to dry thoroughly as moisture can cause bird food to rot.

Before re-hanging your bird feeders clean the areas underneath them. Sweep up any fallen seed to prevent vermin and wash away any droppings.

By keeping your bird feeders clean you will help prevent spread illness and keep the population of birds in your garden happy and healthy.


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