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Window Bird Feeders

If you have a small garden or patio or even just a balcony a window bird feeder is ideal. They are also good if you want to get a close of view of wild birds as they feed. Window bird feeders either attach to a windowsill or directly onto the glass of a window pane.

Window Bird Feeder

Windowsill bird feeders can hold relatively more food than the on-window type of feeders and can attract more birds. However, some require you to keep the window open when they are attached which could be a security issue particularly if you are using a window on the ground floor.

On-window feeders attach to the glass with suction pads and although they are smaller than windowsill feeders you could attach several to one window to attract more birds. These type of feeders also offer some protection against predators such as squirrels and cats as they are difficult for them to reach.

When deciding on the window to attach your bird feeder to make sure that you can easily view the window from inside the house and you can reach it to re-fill it.

To attach the bird feeder to your window make sure that the suction cups are properly mounted. Both the glass and suction cups will need to be clean and you can try coating the inside of the suction cups with a little grease such as petroleum jelly to improve the seal. Squeeze out any air bubbles after you have mounted the feeder. If the bird feeder has been mounted properly you could not worry that it will fall off.

To help prevent birds crashing into window put up curtains or blinds inside your window to reduce the reflection of the glass. The presence of the bird feeder may be enough to stop birds flying into the window but you can also buy stickers for the window that will deter them further.

As with all new bird feeders you may have to wait some time before birds begin to visit your window bird feeder. They need to get used to seeing you moving around their feeding area but as long as you keep putting out food for them they will eventually come to visit regularly.

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