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Bird Food

Robin Eating Fat Balls

By providing a year-round supply of food and water in your garden you can help compensate for the devastation of wild birds’ natural habitats which have seen the decline in species which were once abundant. Song thrushes are disappearing and house sparrows and starlings have fallen in numbers so dramatically that they have been placed on the Red List of Birds of Conservation Concern.

You can provide food for garden birds by either planting trees, bushes and shrubs which produce fruits or berries or which attract insects, or you can provide food yourself from kitchen scraps or special bird food mixes.

Birds will eat lots of different foods and here you can find out about the types of food they eat and where to buy seeds, fats and live food. Some foods will feed a variety of species while others are designed for one particular species.

Provide a variety of different foods and effective feeders arranged at different levels and remember that feeding birds is most important in winter. Make sure you feed birds regularly; once you have attracted birds to your garden by providing food don’t suddenly let them down by withdrawing their supply.


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