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A variety of treats for feeding your garden birds including fat cakes, suet balls, coconuts, raisins, berries and other fruit. Fats and bird food blocks are loved by birds and are convenient for feeding on a bird table or in feeders. Bird food made from suet or any other fat is also packed with energy, especially important during the cold winter months.

Suet Fat Balls

High energy content, ideal for feeding to a wide variety of wild birds. Suet treats are designed to give the much needed energy required to survive through the winter months and breeding.

Coconut Shell Treats

Complete with hanging string, each half-coconut is filled with high-energy suet mixed with selected seed, peanut flour and mealworms, and individually wrapped for freshness and hygiene.

Peanut And Cherry Suet Blocks

10 highly nutritious suet blocks, which are made from our a formula of premium grade high energy suet, packed with protein rich dried insects, with the added advantages of being less messy, easier to handle and will not melt during the hot summer months

Suet Cake Block for Wild Birds

Peckish Complete suet cakes are packed full of energy. Containing 12 different seeds and nuts, this suet cake will attract a wide range of popular garden birds. All seeds have had their husks removed, therefore there is no waste or mess left behind in the garden.

Bug And Berry Suet Blocks

Made with a selection of high protein ingredients, these suet blocks are designed to provide a rounded and complete diet for birds that are easy and quick to eat. All flavours are made naturally, which contribute to an essential blend of proteins, fats and minerals to offer a high energy option for any time of the year.

Suet Insect Pellets

The insect suet pellets from Suet To Go help to provide wild birds with an additional source of food, which is especially important at times when natural resources are depleted. This insect recipe is popular with the birds, and the pellets are an excellent way to feed the birds all year round. 

Sunflower Suet Balls

Sunflower suet balls are a nutritious, high energy treat, ideal for all year round feeding. Feed using a fat ball feeder or place on a bird table at a safe height away from predators. The fat balls are enriched with sunflower hearts and peanut flour. 

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