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If you have lots of birds visiting your garden and you feel all year round, an enjoyable hobby can also become an expensive one. One of the best ways to save money on bird food is to buy it in bulk. As well as economies of scale, if you buy bird food that hasn’t been prepackaged in weights of 12.5 kg or more then it is not subject to VAT.

If you do decide to buy your bird food in bulk then make sure you have somewhere to store it correctly so it stays fresh and dry and won’t spoil or attract vermin or bacteria that could cause disease. Buying bird food online in bulk is quick, convenient and hassle free and it will be delivered direct to your door meaning you won’t need to carry heavy bags home.

All Year Round Bird Seed Mix

A great value seed mix that will attract a wide variety of wild birds to your garden all year round. All Year Round Seed Mix contains a range of grains and seeds that will provide your wild birds with a nutritional, balanced diet whatever the season. 5 kg – 50 kg

No Wheat Wild Bird Seed Mix

Wheat free seed mix is great for attracting smaller birds such as songbirds, tits and finches. The lack of wheat will mean fewer pigeons and doves, leaving more food for smaller garden birds. 5 kg – 50 kg.

Robin And Songbird Seed Mix

A nutritional, no mess seed mix that will appeal to a wide variety of wild birds in your garden. The seeds have been cut or de hulled to reduce the amount of growth under your feeders. Suitable to be fed all year round. 5 kg – 50 kg.

Suet Fat Balls

Fat Balls are a high energy, nutritious and extremely popular treat for all your visiting garden and wild birds. High in oils and fats they make an ideal all year round treat that are sure to be enjoyed by all birds. 5 kg – 50 kg

Wild Bird Peanut Granules

The perfect size for fledglings and small wild bird species, these aflatoxin-tested chopped peanut granules are a nutritious source of fat, fibre and protein for all your wild birds. Easy to digest and extremely versatile, you can feed them on their own or mix with your wild birds favourite seed mix to give them an extra special treat! 5 kg – 25 kg

Premium Sunflower Hearts

High in energy, sunflower hearts are a valuable and nutritious seed to have in any garden. With a wide variety of wild birds that love them, sunflower hearts are a totally versatile and easy seed to feed. Best of all, as they have had the husks removed, the birds will eat the whole seed, leaving little if no mess around your feeding station. 5 kg – 50 kg

Niger Seed

Rich in oil content and highly nutritious, treat the goldfinches in your local area with one of their favourite foods. 5 kg – 50 kg

Insect Suet Pellets

Made from only the best high quality beef fat to ensure that the pellets are filled with energy meaning birds will keep coming back for more!! The pellets are crammed with essential fats and minerals. 500 g – 25.5 kg

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