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Birds love eating mealworms which are packed with protein and energy and make a nutritious treat when combined with other bird food. You can have them delivered direct to your door either fresh and wriggling or dried for the more squeamish.

Although you can feed live and dried mealworms to your garden birds all year round they are especially important in the breeding season when parent birds will feed them to their baby chicks.

Dried Mealworms

Birds really love dried mealworms. They have all the protein of live mealworms with less wastage, and an extra long shelf life. Use the mealworms alone, or mix with your favourite seed.

Live Mealworms

Mealworms are the harmless, vegetarian larvae of the Flour Beetle, tenebrio molitor. They can be fed all the year round although, as a rich source of protein, they are particularly valuable in spring and summer when adult birds can feed them to their young.

Mini Mealworms

These mini mealworms are ideal for feeding to young birds, fledglings and nestlings, and because they are smaller you get more for your money! Packed full of protein, they are supplied in either handy tubs or re-sealable bags

Wax Worms

The larvae of the Greater Wax Moth, wax worms are creamy white and have a soft body which is easily digestible and very nutritious. Rich in protein and fat, they are much larger than mealworms. Hardy and odour-free, they will keep for 3 or 4 weeks at room temperature. 1 tub.

Fruit And Honey Dried Mealworms

This mealworm mix is packed with tasty and nutritious ingredients – mealworms, shrimp, gammarus (a freshwater invertebrate), rowan and juniper berries, all blended with honey. High in energy and rich in protein it will be popular with insect eating birds all year round but especially in the breeding season.

Suet Pellets With Dried Mealworms

This mix combines some of the best high-energy, protein rich ingredients available into one “superfood” for birds. Insect treat pellets, dried mealworms and wild berry flavour (blueberry and redcurrant) make this the ultimate softbill mix. Feed from a table or on the ground.

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