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Extra Select Niger Seed

Niger seed from Extra Select is rich in oil content and highly nutritious. Treat the goldfinches, greenfinches, and collared doves in your local area with one of their favourite foods. Available in a variety of size packs up to 20 kg. 

Birdies Nyjer Bird Seeds

This small nyjer bird seed is rich in oil so it’s full of energy and provides extra calories to help birds stay warm in winter. The seeds are purchased in bulk direct from the farmers and are packaged securely to prevent any mess during delivery.

RHS High Energy Nyjer Seeds

RHS endorsed high energy nyjer seeds for wild birds. A specially formulated blend to attract a wide variety of birds including finches to your garden. The food will appeal to gardeners as it includes non germinating components.

Gardeners Dream Niger Seed

Exotic and highly nutritious oil-rich seeds which are great for smaller birds as they provide a quick and easy meal. Niger seeds are a highly efficient food for smaller birds, as they have high protein and calorie counts per seed, supplying the birds with fat reserves to see them through the winters.

Peckish Nyger Seed For Wild Birds

This nyjer seed provides birds with a rich in oil food source delivering extra calories to help birds keep warm in the winter while the high protein count helps birds regenerate feathers when moulting

Britten & James Niger Seed With Mealworms

Premium quality high-protein oil-rich niger seeds with added mealworms. Very nutritious and full of energy, this bird food is designed to give smaller birds the extra boost they need. Feed throughout the year, especially during the winter and throughout the breeding season

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