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Peanut butter for birds is specially prepared and doesn’t contain salt which is harmful to birds. Recently peanut butter has become a popular way of feeding birds because it is so convenient to use and leaves no mess. Peanuts are one of the most versatile bird foods and will attract a variety of species to your garden. They are particularly important doing the winter months when birds need plenty of energy.

You can buy peanut butter bird feeders to conveniently feed peanut butter to your garden birds or to attract birds such as woodpeckers and nuthatches smear directly onto tree trunks and branches.

Utterly Butterly Peanut Butter

Utterley Peanut Butterly is can be moulded by hand, without creating a mess, and used in any number of ways to feed birds such as made into footballs or spread on trees. The peanuts are tested aflatoxin safe with no added salt.

Flutter Butter Original Peanut Pods

From Jacobi Jayne, Flutter Butter pods are compatible with all Flutter Butter feeders. The original flavour pod weighs 170g and will supply birds with much needed energy all year round.

Peanut Butter With Mealworms

From CJ Wildlife, this blend of peanut butter and mealworms is specially formulated for garden birds to give them a high-energy boost throughout the winter months.

Peanut Butter Glass Mug

From Fallen Fruits this beautiful mug of unsalted peanut butter made for wild bird will welcome birds to your garden. The mug comes with a string attached so it can be hung and can be refilled with more peanut butter or other bird food. The mug will come with a coloured lid.

Peanut Butter With Sunflower Seeds

Peanut butter with sunflower seeds will keep birds happy. Remove the lid and place the pot in a peanut butter feeder and watch your garden birds come to feast from it.

Buggy Flutter Butter Peanut Butter

Flutter Butter is rich and nutritious and packed with energy to give your birds a boost. This version contains insects for extra nutrition and is ideal for feeding birds all year round.

Original Bird Peanut Butter For Birds

A blend of peanut butter especially for your garden birds that is super high in calories. Peanut butter for birds will be enjoyed by a variety of wild birds in your garden. Peanuts are naturally high in calories and when blended into butter are a safe, convenient form of bird food.

Fruity Peanut Butter For Birds

A fruity peanut butter for birds. As well as high quality peanuts the butter contains black sunflower seeds, berries and dried mealworms to give your garden birds a tasty treat.

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