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RSPB bird food and wild bird seed blends have been carefully selected to have no filler ingredients meaning it has more nutritional value and leaves less waste.

Whenever you see the RSPB logo on bird food you know that it has been carefully formulated, checked and tested. The RSPB have a range of quality bird foods including seed mixes, sunflower seeds, niger seeds, toxin-free peanuts, suet balls and bird cakes. Here are some of their favourites that will attract a wide variety of birds to your garden. 

And when you shop bird food from the RSPB 100% of the profits go towards their conservation work around birds and wildlife. 

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RSPB Premium Sunflower Hearts

Put these plump, whole sunflower hearts in seed feeders, on bird tables or on the ground all year round and treat lots of species to bird food rich in oil and protein and bursting with energy and goodness.

RSPB Feeder Mix Extra

The ‘extra’ is the protein and energy boost to this bird seed, added by way of generous quantities of sunflower hearts in with the sunflower seeds (black and striped), husk-free oats, red millet and canary seed.

RSPB Favourites Blend Bird Food

The premium sunflower hearts, high energy sprinkles and dried mealworms in this mix mean it is packed with nutritious, high energy fat, oil and protein. This blend can be fed all year round from suitable feeders or sprinkled on a table or onto the ground. Suitable for all garden birds.

RSPB Super Suet Balls

Get 2 bumper boxes with the RSPB’s premium super suet balls! Each bumper box contains their new suet balls made with their best-selling Super suet, which makes them softer, higher in fat content and a real treat for the birds! 

RSPB Super Suet Mealworm Cakes

Sunflower hearts are the RSPB’s most popular bird food and now they can also be enjoyed in our suet cakes. The non-melting cakes are great for feeding birds all year (even in summer) and are easy to crumble without getting messy fingers.

RSPB Buggy Coconut Shell Suet Treats

Delight the birds with these coconut shell treats with added mealworms for extra flavour and nutrition. Each easy-to-hang shell is packed with a nutritious blend of our premium suet, seeds and cereals, plus mealworms and weighs around 275 g.

RSPB Dried Mealworms

This small 100g pouch of dried mealworms is a tasty treat that birds find irresistible. Many species, especially robins and blackbirds, love these additive-free treats, which have all the goodness of live mealworms (beetle larvae) but not the moisture. Sprinkle as they are, or rehydrate by soaking in warm water for a few minutes.

RSPB Premium Peanuts

RSPB Premium peanuts are a high energy wild bird food beloved of garden birds. They select only the best, top quality peanuts and, safety being their priority, reject any with detectable aflatoxin. Aflatoxin, sometimes found in poorer quality peanuts can build up in birds bodies, eventually leading to death.

RSPB Table Mix Bird Food

Attract several species of wild bird to your bird table or ground feeding area all year round – especially those that can’t use feeders. RSPB table bird seed mix contains black and striped sunflower seeds, sunflower hearts, husk-free oats, kibbled maize and wheat and it’s especially appealing to robins, finches, house sparrows and blackbirds. 

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