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Although all round seed mixes are good as general purpose bird food, many species of birds have their own favourite ingredient and straight bird foods can help you find the preference of the birds in your garden.

This range of nutritious bird food will help you attract and care for a number of different birds – experiment with different foods to find which species you attract. Once you have discovered which bird foods are popular in your garden you may like to make your own seed mixes using combinations of straight bird food. For example raisins mixed with high energy oats are popular in winter and will be enjoyed by blackbirds and robins.

Ordering your bird food online means not only can you have it delivered direct to you door but you can also buy in bulk which gives you greater savings than buying on the high street or from a garden centre.

Premium Peanuts

High quality, recent crop, aflatoxin-tested peanuts. Rich in fibre, fat and protein, they are an appealing and nutritious year-round food for a wide range of species. Can contain several varieties.

Peanut Granules

These granules are a nutritious source of food for all your garden birds and can be mixed into other foods to increase their nutritional value. They’re versatlie too – they are small enough to be used in seed feeders.

Premium Sunflower Seed Hearts

The ultimate straight bird food, combining the highest energy content available with ease of feeding. And because there are no husks, they leave no mess to clear up. Although more expensive than black sunflower seeds, their greater density for a given weight means a little does go a very long way.

Black Sunflower Seed

Thin-skinned, tasty and packed with oil and protein, black sunflower seeds are a real, year-round alternative to peanuts at a significantly lower cost. They’re easy to feed, too, either on the ground or from any type of feeder. The only drawback is the discarded husks, but even these have a benefit – they make great compost!

Kibbled Maize

Kibbled maize is cracked maize in granulated form. High in carbohydrate and oil, its small size makes it easily digestible and therefore ideal for smaller species. A good all round ingredient for food mixes, it is enjoyed by numerous different types of garden birds.

Niger Seed

Niger Seed, is a tiny, black, oil-rich seed which is very similar to the seed of the teasel or thistle: highly desirable and very nutritious to many species particularly goldfinches but difficult to extract from these plants’ prickly heads. Now you can treat them all the year round to this valuable seed, which is often fed as a tonic.

Hemp Seed

A highly nutritious seed, hemp is rich in oil and protein and is high in fat, carbohydrate and trace elements. Small enough to be fed to young, it contains essential fatty and amino acids and is a fantastic energy source, making it an ideal ‘pick ‘n’ mix’ food.


Millet is a very popular seed for mixes and feeds. It is a first class source of vitamin B, which is important during the breeding season for rearing young and is full of protein and iron. Its tiny size means that it can be mixed with Niger seed and as it is encased in a hard shell protecting it from moisture, it’s also ideal for scattering on the ground.

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