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Ultiva Bird Food is exclusively available from Garden Bird Supplies and are unique seed mixes that contain ingredients carefully formulated to provide the very best, safe, balanced and nutritious diet for all types of garden birds. Ultiva Bird Food mixes have been independently tested against other bird food mixes and have been found to have a higher nutritional value. You can find out more about the results of the tests here.

Ultiva Gold Mix

You cannot buy a better all-round food than Ultiva. Sunflower seed hearts, the single highest-energy food available, are blended with canary seed, kibbled maize, pinhead oatmeal, hemp, millet and peanut nibs to create the ultimate nutritious, oil-rich mix. Perfect for feeding all year round from feeders, a table or on the ground and, best of all, no whole sunflower seeds means no messy husks to clear up.

Ultiva High Protein Insect Mix

High protein blend keeps birds in tip top condition. A tasty combination of highly nutritious Ultiva mix, sunflower kernels and protein-packed mealworms. This mix is filled with energy boosting ingredients which birds need, particularly in the all-important breeding season. The definitive high protein mix, it will help keep birds in peak condition all year round.

Ultiva Robin And Softbill Mix

For the ultimate high-energy softbill food, look no further than no-mess Ultiva Softbill Mix. Thrushes, robins and blackbirds will wolf down every scrap of this nutritious feast containing sunflower seed hearts, peanut nibs, flaked maize, rolled naked oats, raisins and now a good helping of Bogena, the super-rich softbill food blended with insects, oils, fats and minerals. Best fed on the ground.

Ultiva Finest Blend

Give your garden birds a high quality bird food that will not grow underneath your feeders. Non germinating seed mix contains a mix of sunflower hearts, pinhead oatmeal, maize and finely chopped dari and millet, plus a generous helping of insect suet pellets – packed full of high ingredients.

Ultiva Perfect 10

Improved the mix that is packed full of high energy, nutritious ingredients giving your garden birds all the energy they need. It contains a unique blend of 10 different types of seeds and grains, including sunflower seeds, millet, wheat, dari and oats, plus there’s added aniseed to Ultiva Perfect 10 even more irresistible.

Ultiva Taster Pack

Different birds like different seeds. Try a selection of expertly formulated Ultiva® mixes and discover what mixes your visiting friends enjoy the most. Available in 2kg and 4kg, each pack includes one each of Ultiva Gold, Ultiva Robin & Softbill Mix and Ultiva High Protein Insect Mix. Save up to £7.48 on individual prices!

This page contains affiliate links. For more information please see our disclosure here.

This page contains affiliate links. For more information please see our disclosure here.

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