Save Money On Bird Food

As you attract more and more birds to your garden you may find that you have to buy more bird food to keep your feeders stocked and you could find that what started out as a fairly cheap hobby looks as though it could become quite expensive.

Bowl Of Bird Food

Of course you will be reluctant to stop feeding the birds in your garden or skimp on their food so here are some ideas for cutting the cost of bird food.

Buy bird food in bulk. Most bird seed mixes and straight seed are available in different sized bags and you will usually find that the larger bags are better value. Buying bird food in bulk also means you won’t have to buy bird food as frequently but make sure you store your bird food properly to stop it going off.

Shop around to find the best deals. You will often find that online retailers are able to offer the most competitive prices as they don’t have the usual overheads associated with a bricks and mortar shop. Watch out for delivery charges although you will usually find most online retailers have a price threshold over which delivery is free.

Although high quality food such as niger seed or sunflower hearts may seem more expensive than other mixes it can work out at better value as the bags will contain less filler seed that few birds will eat. If you find a speed that is specifically blended for the birds that visit your garden you should find that there is less waste.

If you feel you are filling your feeders very frequently check that the food has not fallen to the ground. Bird are notorious for spilling seed and if you leave your feeders empty for a couple of days it will encourage them to eat what is on the ground and what you would have otherwise cleared away eventually.

Ensure that the feeders you choose are resistant to squirrels. If you think your bird food is running out quicker than expected keep a close eye on your feeders for a few days and you may find it is not just the birds who are benefitting from your generosity. Buy some specially designed squirrel proof feeders or fit a squirrel baffle to your existing feeders.

Grow some sunflowers. Sunflowers are easy to grow and their large heads will provide lots of seed for your birds to feed on. You can either remove the seeds from the head when the flowers have wilted or leave them as they are to provide natural bird feeders. There are other plants you could choose which would also provide food for birds including wild flowers and berry bearing shrubs. Don’t spray your garden with pesticides as birds are more than happy to eat insects, flies and other grubs.

Supplement bought bird food with kitchen scraps such as cooked rice, dried fruit, grated mild cheese and unsalted bacon. You can also make fat feeders which are a lot cheaper than the suet cakes available to buy.

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