Bird Table With Built In Feeder

Providing a bird table is one of the easiest ways to feed the birds in your garden. It enables you to offer a variety of food inducing specially formulated seed mixes, suet treats, nuts, or even kitchen scraps. 

This Nature’s Market bird table from Kingfisher is a premium best-selling product that will attract birds to your garden and look good for years to come. 

The bird table incorporates a built in nut feeder in the roof to offer even more versatility. You can use it for feeding peanuts or suet pellets to supplement the food you put out on the bird table. 

The feeder will make it easier for smaller birds to peck at the nuts and it can be removed for cleaning and filling.

The bird table’s roof will keep the food fresh and dry and shelter birds from the worst of the elements as they come to feed. It will also prevent larger birds perching under the roof and taking all the food. 

The bird table is made from FSC wood sourced from sustainable forests. All the pieces are pre-cut for straight-forward self-assembly. 

The bird table is 118 cm high and the table measures 53 cm x 53 cm. 

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