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Hanging bird tables are perfect if you only have a small garden or they can also be used on a balcony or patio. Even if you have a larger garden you will often find that if you hang a bird table from a tree birds will prefer to use it as it is in a more natural environment for them to feed in.

Hanging bird tables can sometimes be cheaper to buy than traditional standing bird tables and they are easier to maintain. They make great gifts and are a good way to help get children interested in birds and wildlife.

Buying your hanging bird table online is quick, convenient and hassle free and it will be delivered direct to your door.

Bempton Gothic Hanging Bird Table

This delightful and practical table features intricate woodwork with a distressed pale green paint finish, and a real copper roof with a ‘verdigris’ finish. Ideal for smaller birds, it’s easy to hang from a branch, hanging bracket or pergola to make a lovely garden feature. 12″ tall by 8″ square, the Bempton table is made from FSC wood from well-managed forests, and comes complete with hanging cord.

Mini Hanging Bird Table

Attract the birds to your garden with this BTO approved hanging bird table by Gardman. It’s ideal for small gardens or as a second feeding station and features a sturdy table with a roof to keep the rain off the food and birds as they feed.

Gardman Hanging Feeding Station

Create your own feeding station and attract a wide variety of wild birds to your garden. Includes a micro-mesh feeding tray, clip in bird bath and decorative fat treat hanger. It is approved by the BSA and BTO and measures height 700mm x depth 275mm x width 275mm.

Square Hanging Bird Table

An attractive bird table for hanging flush on either a wall or fence. The wood will last for many years, gradually weathering to fit in with the natural surrounding of your garden. The raised edges will prevent food blowing away.

Kingfisher Hanging Bird Table

A wooden hanging bird table from Kingfisher with a robust design that will suit any sized garden. The bird table comes  complete with a cord for easy hanging.

Trixie Living Hanging Bird Table

A bird table feeder made of wood material with grass roof. Treated with a special glaze to make it winter-and weatherproof. 

Hexagonal Hanging Bird Table

A stylish high quality hanging bird table. Attract birds to your garden and the green roof will keep food fresh and dry. Comes complete with a cord for hanging.

Foss Hanging Bird Table

From Tom Chambers this high quality, genuine slate roofed bird table is handcrafted from the finest materials. The deep tray protects food from blowing away.

Swing Seat Hanging Bird Table

Give your feathered friends a special place to rest and feed with this swinging bird table. A charming miniature version of a garden swing seat, it makes a lovely garden ornament as well as offering a meeting ground for your garden birds.

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