Looking After Your Bird Table

Whatever material your bird table is made from, you need to spend a little time caring for it. A dirty table can harbour bacteria left by sick birds which could lead to an outbreak of disease so it is important that you clean your bird table and remove old food. Good hygiene is especially important in the summer when warmer weather can make food go off quicker.

Woman Cleaning Bird Table

Brush off debris every time you put out fresh food and scrub the table with a mild disinfectant – you can find some special cleaning products for bird tables.

Occasionally move the table to stop droppings from accumulating underneath. Droppings can contain dangerous bacteria and parasites so if a large amount has built up it will need to be burnt and the ground disinfected.

Water bottles should be rinsed out daily and allowed to dry before refilling with fresh water.

Carry out annual maintenance in the autumn. Thoroughly clean the table and tighten and replace screws. Check for splinters or loose joints which could injure birds.

If you have a bird table with a thatched roof you may need to replace it as the birds could have “borrowed” some of the thatch to make their nests in the breeding season.

A bird table will not last forever so expect to change it every few seasons.

You can buy bird tables made of materials other than wood, such as metal or polycarbonate, which are easier to clean and will last longer. Have a look at our selection of bird tables where you can find bird tables made of more modern materials as well as traditional wood.

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