Binoculars Accessories For Bird Watching

Although a pair of binoculars is the least you will need to go bird watching in the field there are a number of accessories available that can enhance your hobby and are important to maintain your binoculars.

Binoculars Case

Lens covers – it’s always a good idea to buy a couple of spare pairs of lens covers as they are easily lost. Lens covers protect binoculars from dust and moisture and will keep your binoculars in optimum condition.

Binocular case – although your binoculars will come with a basic case if you buy something more substantial you should be able to use it as your field bag and it may have room for a camera. Whichever case you choose make sure that your binoculars are easily accessible.

Neck Strap – your binoculars will probably include a neck strap but you may find it more comfortable if you buy your own as you can choose straps that are wider or padded. If you spend a lot of time with your binoculars around your neck then investing in a separate strap is worthwhile. You can also get flotation neck straps which are useful if you go bird watching in very wet environments.

Harness – a harness is an alternative to a neck strap and goes over both shoulders and under the arms. This means that the binoculars are supported by the upper body rather than just the neck. Those of you who spend a lot of time bird watching will find that a harness will prevent neck pain which can be a common problem for anyone carrying binoculars.

Cleaning kit – you will need to keep your binoculars clean to keep them working well and a variety of tools such as small brushes for dusting the lenses, a microfiber cloth for wiping away moisture and cleaning fluid will ensure that your binoculars are always in tip-top condition.

Camera adapter – if you are using your binoculars for digiscoping then you will need to get a camera adapter which connect the camera to the eyepiece of the binoculars. Make sure the adapter can be securely attached to get the best quality photos.

Tripod – a tripod will not only keep your binoculars steady for sharper images but they are also useful for hands-free bird watching. Your tripod should be sturdy but light enough to carry around for periods of time.

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