Caring For Your Binoculars

If you have just bought yourself a pair of binoculars for bird watching you want to make sure you look after them to get the best results from them. As they are likely to be your most expensive piece of bird watching kit it is worth taking some care of them so they stay in good working order for years to come.


You will probably not need the lens caps for your binoculars as the case should be adequate protection. Fix the strap and the rainguard so they are comfortable to use.

When you are out in the field leave the case in your car or at home so it does not get dirty. Keep it for travelling or if you do not use your binoculars regularly store them in their case so they do not get dust on them.

If you have used your binoculars in the rain or wet, always wipe them dry. If you think moisture has got inside leave them in a warm place to dry, Do not try and open the binoculars up and do not put them back in the case until they are fully dry.

If your binoculars are not waterproof avoid exposing them to marine or salt spray. It may leave corrosive salt particles that cold be potentially damaging if they penetrate the unsealed components of your binoculars.

Try and touch the lens as little as possible; this also includes cleaning it. Use a lens blow brush to brush away any tiny grains of dirt, sand, salt or other particles that can scratch the lens and then wipe the lens gently with a clean lens cloth.

Clean the exterior of your binoculars with a lint-free cotton cloth or a silicon impregnated cloth. Some manufacturers will supply these with your binoculars.

Don’t leave your binoculars in the hot sun such as in the boot of your car, or anywhere where heat may warp the casing.

The most common fault with a pair of binoculars is being knocked out of alignment. You should not attempt to fix this yourself; instead take it to a reputable supplier who will be able to do it for you. Take precautions and try not to drop or knock your binoculars.

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