Bird Watching For Beginners

If you’re looking for a hobby that will stimulate your brain, get you out in the fresh air, give you the opportunity to meet like minded people, and make you aware of the world around you, then bird watching could be just the thing for you.

As a hobby, bird watching is also incredibly flexible. You don’t need much equipment to begin with and you can start close to home in your garden or local park. It’s perfect for introverts who are happy to spend time by themselves as well as extroverts who get their energy from being part of a group. And you can commit as much or as little time, effort, and money to it as you want so it can fit around your lifestyle.

Two Friends Bird Watching

We’ve got lots of advice to help you get started bird watching, including how to watch birds in your garden, over 200 British bird identification guides, and information on some of the best places in the UK to go bird watching if you want to grow your life list.

Bird ID guides

Learn to identify 100s of British birds

Bird Identification Guides

Comprehensive identification guides to over 160 British birds

British Birds Of Prey

Learn how to identify 21 of the most common British birds of prey.

A bird friendly garden

Begin watching birds close to home
Garden Birds
Bird Watching

Bird watching essentials

All you need to begin spotting birds

Top 10 Bits Of Kit For Bird Watching

Essential gear and equipment for bird watching out in the field.

Top 10 Bits Of Kit For Garden Bird Watching

Everything you need to get the most out of watching the birds in your garden.